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10 Beatty Rd

Project Price $42,000

This 900 sq feet 3 bedder condo is home to a couple and their son.

The brief from client was to create a cosy home with café vibes where they can chill out at home with aroma of coffee wafting through the air.


A café corner is crafted out of the kitchen and it is accessible from the foyer area. It perfectly displays the stylish coffee machines which are the owner’s prized possessions!


Entering the living area, lots of rustic woody tones are used to make the atmosphere casual and toasty. The look is polished with neutrals & metallic accents for a touch of luxe. To accomplish the final look, a warm brown sofa with soft leather was curated.


An interesting feature in the house was the loft created in the son’s room, taking advantage of the high ceilings to create more working space and storages.

Theme: Cafe Lodge

Designer : Thomas Teo

Mr & Ms Fung

Singapore, Singapore

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10 Beatty Rd - Website-Model.png
001 - Foyer
002 - Foyer
003 - Kitchen to Foyer
004 - Dining
005 - Living
006 - Living Sofa
007 - Sofa Linear line
008 - Boy
009 - Boy
010 - Study & Guest
011 - Master
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