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263 River Valley Rd

Project Price $120,000

A 1334 sq ft condominium along the prime district of river valley is completely transformed into an appealing Nordic-styled home that oozes with comfort.


There are 9 inhabitants in this home so the project brief was to maximize storages yet keeping the house uncluttered, airy and flowy.


The living room TV backdrop was specially designed to cater to a wide collection of books and it also have closed storages for miscellaneous items that should stay hidden.


The focal point of the living area is an L-construct made with wooden strips. It discretely hides the electrical box, flatters the high ceiling and creates a distinctive space to separate living and dining area, adding dimension to the space without weighing it down.


We love the choice of grey gout for the mosaic tiles in the bathroom! It is charming and keeps the bathroom from appearing too sterile or contemporary.

The unusual choice of tangram wood tiles for the shower area really sets the mood for a relaxing shower at the end of the day.


Most ceiling lights are minimized and the designer used hidden lights and wall lights to keep the space looking clean and clutter free.

Theme: Scandinavian

Ms Jann

Singapore, Singapore

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1 Living to Balcony
2 Living to Dining
3 Living Sofa
4 Living Elevation
5 Dining
6 Entertaiment
7 Children Rm
8 Children Bed
9 Childen Study
10 Children Bed
11 Common basin
12 Common basin
13 Common Closet
14 Common Shower
15 Master Wardrobe
16 Master Headboard
17 Master Side Light
18 Master Bed to Study
19 Master Study
20 Master Basin
21 Master Shower
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