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Waterfront@faber 1

Project Price $60,000

These loft condominiums at Waterfront Faber are beautiful, tranquil and it portrays a breeziness that comes with the advantage of high ceilings.


Stepping into this apartment, you will be greeted with clear display cabinets that is especially crafted to cater for the owner’s collection of miniature liquors that they can proudly display as the main feature wall of the living area.

We heard that this has become a conversational piece and often brings back good memories for the owners as the liquors are mostly acquired on their holidays.


The dining area had to be designed to house a full height wine chiller as well as a fish tank. Hence, we went with a functional and quirky countertop for dining instead of the usual dining table.


We used marbled laminate as the TV feature and ran this theme consistently to the room and we are pleased with the result as this lends a materially rich feel to the interior and is understated luxury.


Theme: Monochrome Luxe

Designer : Eloycois Er

Mr Rick

Singapore, Singapore

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Waterfront_faber - Foyer
Waterfront_faber - Bar
Waterfront_faber - Living
Waterfront_faber - Study
Waterfront_faber - Walk in Wardrobe
Waterfront_faber - Master
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