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182 Bedok North

This spacious resale apartment is nested in an old estate but it is truly an unpolished gem to work on! During the space planning, we discussed the young couple’s preferences and we conceptualized a space that is built to be cozy, private and charming. 


Stepping into the house, you will be immediately greeted with a quaint open kitchen with subway tiles on a unique diamond shaped layout. As you venture further into the living room you will pass a feature wall to cover up the bomb shelter area but don’t be fooled as it was designed to look like cabinets to give the living room some warm woody charm.


Opposite the feature wall is a matching TV console extended with a long settee that serves to lengthen the room and we are really pleased with its proportion which makes the living room extremely spacious. The owners can nestle in privacy at the sofa area.


The master bedroom is a master piece and we incorporated all the wish list items the couple wanted in the bedroom.

An old school platform bed paired with floating contemporary bedside tables. 

A walk-in wardrobe and study area. 

The bathroom was extended to make it more luxurious. The theme of subway tiles continues in both the common as well as master bathroom and it was modernized with marbled tiles from the midpoint to the floor to complete the contemporary vintage theme!​

Theme: Contemporary Vintage  ​

Designer : Josephine Bok / Eloycois Er

Project Value 90,000

01 Foyer + Kitchen
02 Dry + Wet Kitchen
03 potted plant
04 serving pt
05 Kitchen
06 Kitchen
07 Quartz top
08 Subway
09 serving pt
10 Kitchen
11 Kitchen
12 coffee pt
13 Foyer
14 Dining + Living
15 Dining + Foyer
16 Cotton
17 Cotton
18 whisky
19 Cotton
20 Bulb
21 Living+ Dining
22 Living+ Dining
23 Living
24 Coffee Table
25 Wheat
26 Tv console
27 Living Sofa
28 Passageway + Living
29 Common Bath
30 Master
31 Gin
32 Gin
33 Study
34 Potted plant
35 Door Knob
36 Master Bath
37 Master Bath
BedokNorth 01 Foyer
BedokNorth 02 Dry Kitchen
BedokNorth 03 Wet Kitchen
BedokNorth 04 Living
BedokNorth 09 Common Bath
BedokNorth 05 Master
BedokNorth 07 Study & Wardrobe
BedokNorth 06 Study & Wardrobe
BedokNorth 08 Master Bath
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