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Bespoke & Innovative Condo Interior Design Singapore

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You've finally purchased your dream condo unit! It's in the perfect location and has all the amenities you need.

However, the basic fixtures and cookie-cutter layout leave much to be desired.

Come home to a beautiful space that inspires passion and helps you unwind instead!

With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in creating unique and sophisticated condo interior designs that reflect your individual style and needs whether it's a resale condo or a BTO.

Your Preferred Boutique Interior Design Consultancy and Renovation Firm

Client-centred Process


Want your living and dining areas to have more space or natural light? Planning for a growing family?

Whatever it is - our client's needs come first, and we believe in tailoring solutions to serve your unique lifestyle. We promise to over-deliver, going above and beyond to surpass your expectations.

Quality Workmanship

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Helmed by professional condo interior designers with 100+ years of combined experience on various condo renovation projects, erstudio is able to provide clients with a full spectrum of interior design and renovation processes for any condo unit.

​Our interior designers are driven and passionate, taking pride in delivering only the best work with a focus on the finer details while ensuring professional ethics and transparent pricing.

Bespoke Interior Design Style

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Homes should be built to last, adorned with good design that transcends time. Our bold, experimental interior design services are perfect for condo homeowners who have an intimate appreciation for innovative, life-changing results.

 This enables us to create a beautiful home environment that balances aesthetics with functionality in the limited space of a condo apartment.

Turnkey Solutions

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erstudio offers comprehensive interior design solutions and consultancy to create creative living spaces that inspire one to live, work and pursue life passionately!

We provide complete turnkey solutions for clients who prefer to leave everything to us. In fact, many satisfied returning clients now prefer a hands-off approach after seeing the magic we can do with our work.

Leading Edge Services

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As an interior design firm in Singapore, erstudio strongly believes in upkeeping our reputation and image in the industry. Thus, we constantly participate in courses to upgrade our knowledge and stay updated on the renovation guidelines in Singapore.


Always updated on market trends, we actively curate and implement designs that are functional and stylish.

Our Awards






Condo Renovation Tips: Before You Start

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Turnkey Solutions

When it comes to renovation practices, different condominiums have different guidelines depending on the management.

Without an experienced interior designer, you would have to personally check with your condominium's management before starting your renovation.

Restrictions in design options

Due to limited space, we have to incorporate essential small condo interior design practices, such as using a neutral colour palette, maximising storage space, and utilising decor that reflect light.

But this doesn't mean you will get boring results! Rest assured, erstudio knows how to curate your dream home for maximum impact.

Prepare for additional costs

erstudio surveys your condominium unit with our experienced eyes and advises you on the best way forward so you can have peace of mind.

However, many condominium owners are unaware that resale condos usually require additional works to produce their dream goal as compared to new condos.

Condo Renovation & Interior Design Portfolio

Start your journey with a FREE, no-obligation consultation!

What You Get When You Choose erstudio for Your Landed Interior Design Project:

  • Quality workmanship backed by years of experience.

  • Premium access to professional turnkey interior design and renovation services.

  • Bespoke solutions that account for all your needs and preferences.

  • Bold, boundary-breaking interior designs that transform your living space.

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