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Chloe has accumulated 12 years of rich experiences in the field of interior design, bringing a wealth of knowledge to each project she undertakes. What distinguishes Chloe is her incredible versatility. Rather than limiting herself to a single design style, she possesses the remarkable ability to adapt and create stunning interiors across a wide range of design aesthetics. 
Her approach to interior design seamlessly balances aesthetics and functionality, resulting in spaces that are not only visually captivating but also exceptionally functional. 

Her constant application to her projects - ensuring every corner and detail receives the utmost care and attention. 



Chloe Woon
Senior Designer


"We had a great time working with Chloe & Wilson from Er Studio! Their professionalism and work are outstanding"

We had a great time working with Chloe & Wilson from Er Studio! Their professionalism and work are outstanding – we would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and family.


Here are some brief notes about our experience:

During our pre-reno discussions, Chloe & Wilson were able to put our ideas into reality. They designed solutions around our requests with great aesthetic sense. Their attention to detail and excellent suggestions demonstrated thoughtful effort and experience.

Their experience shone through not just in the planning stage, but also in project management. They were often on the ground for site visits to ensure that work done is timely and of quality. They were receptive to our concerns, able to communicate effectively and rectify the issues quickly.

No reno can go without a hitch. Even after handing over the unit, Chloe & Wilson remained committed to resolving any outstanding issues.

All in all, we would highly recommend Chloe & Wilson Thank you for making our home a reality!


From Client, Zy

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