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Throughout the course of her 5-years (and counting) career in interior design, Jing Ling has worked on residential projects of all sizes. She takes much pleasure in transforming her client's new home wish list into reality. 

Every project has its' design boundaries pushed to the maximum, and the end results are simply delightful and impressive, something which her clients could have never imagined themselves. 

The greatest satisfaction to Jing Ling are the positive feedbacks received from her clients when handing over their new homes, and these serves as her key motivation in ever improving her design skills.


Huang Jing Ling
Senior Designer


"What attracted us to Jinling was that she's was sincere in knowing our needs."

I'm glad to have known Jinling from Er Studio who helped renovate our new home for our growing family. What attracted us to Jinling was that she's was sincere in knowing our needs and tried her best to accommodate to all our requests. Despite having a few hiccups, I'm glad that we were all open in our communication so that we were able to rectify issues quickly such that we were able to complete majority of the house for us to move in in 2 months.

Jinling is not only responsive to our queries, she is also able to share her ideas and recommendations and put forth a design that even though looks simple, but it is something we love.


From Client, Geri Tay

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