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Ryanne possesses over 9 years of exceptional experience in interior design. Known to be precised and havimg a knack in time management, she believes that the primary goal of interior design is to meet the basic needs of her client's lifestyle. Ryanne is inclined towards contemporary and minimalist approach in providing design solutions to her client's wish list.

Through her work, Ryanne takes pride in achieving spatial harmony, creating worthwhile designs, and letting details create perfection.


Ryanne Loh
Senior Designer


"They are just a wonderful team and company to trust and rely on."

ER studio achievement !!!

A beautiful corner terrace “house” converted to a marvellous “Home” at Telok Kurau Road as “Kareem Residence”

The 6000 Sq feet has been well designed to look much more than its actual size aesthetically and a Comfort feel.

Every millimetres say and spell by its own beauty and praise with a spectacular design and finish.

The craftsmanship of the carpenters has touched its glory on the finish given.

The tilers have really been a perfect match to align the floor tiles just as like they did in a paper drawing. Amazing finish !!!

Guidance all the way in lighting had enhanced its glow all over the building to reflect its beauty which is again a good choice of lights and spacing by ER design.

In totality ER studio has given us what we looked for and more than what we really could get at that costs. The completed home is just one of its kind to make others envy on beauty just being silent.

I would recommend MR. Hans Chua & Ms. Ryanne for their dedicated efforts and focus to complete the project in time amidst the post covid 19 restrictions.

They are just a wonderful team and company to trust and rely on.


From Client, Kareem & Family.

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