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With over 24 years of interior design experiences, Yoh is an all-rounder designer whom is able to accommodate to his client's style preference. He does enjoy adding touches of boldness to his projects - unexpected features which stirs the aesthetics and are deeply admired. 
You relishes on challenges and has an innate fixation with specifications. His intuition, combined with initiative, ensures that his projects are consistent with the initial envision, leaving little margins of error even with almost impossible datelines. 


Yoh Chuan Er
Senior Designer


"Mr Yoh always takes it upon himself to solve the problems and achieve a positive result.. "

Amidst the strict rules and regulations of a difficult pandemic period, we bought an HDB maisonette for which we made a 15-point Wish List in terms of interior design. We wanted a contemporary resort style of living for our maisonette and invited 7 Interior Design firms to share their design ideas with us and give us a quote. While the others presented us their ideas from different angles, Yoh Chuan Er and Ying Hwei from ER Studio were the only ones who “Wowed” us with their design and allowed us to keep a hardcopy of the design to chew on. After a few elimination rounds, we shortlisted the final 2 ID firms which included ER Studio and interviewed them again. The last two ID firms were competitive in terms of design, commitment, and cost. In the end, we decided to go with ER Studio though its quotation exceeded our budget. Our reasons were that ER Studio read our Wish List and most accurately captured us and our needs to offer us with the lifestyle we most desired; we could feel their intense passion for interior design.

We are aware that major renovation projects like ours do not go smoothly and that there will be difficulties along the way. What matters is how ID has responded. Er Studio, under the leadership of Mr Yoh, has never shirked responsibility on our project. Mr Yoh always takes it upon himself to solve the problems and achieve a positive result. Yes, he has gone more than an extra mile for us. There were occasions when items delivered to us were either missing (i.e., lost) or wrong. Though we were the buyers, Mr Yoh immediately trudged back to the supplier on our behalf to replace them or collect them himself! Even at the post-installation stage, when payment had already been made, Mr Yoh responded to our calls when we found defects and ensured that the relevant contractor was rounded up to rectify the defects, no matter how small or insignificant. That is service, and that is commitment.

It has been almost a year since the renovation work completed. We are still very much “in love” with the interior design that Er Studio gave us. Yes, Er Studio is indeed “A Good Design Company" and we would not hesitate to recommend them, especially when the team is Mr Yoh and Ying Hwei.


From Client, WENG & MOE

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