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998B Buangkok Crescent, Singapore

Zen & Minimalist / Muj


This compact HDB 2 room BTO is 47sqm and belongs to a bachelor in his late 30s. The owner is truly a minimalist at the core and does not require much storages. He loves to host parties so the focus of the project was to make this compact place feel spacious and comfortably house 4 to 15 guests. We did away with the conventional sofa since the dining table would be the spot for gatherings, meals, work and play. We used beanies as they are extremely space friendly and perfect for lounging & chilling out. The apartment was mostly done in light woodgrain with lots of white befitting the Muji-inspired theme. However, to keep the apartment more Japaneasy instead of Scandinavian, the designer went with a muted grey and white kitchen. The grey tones were extended into the shower area and the use of grey mosaic tiles with white gout lines completes the look. A special feature of the house was the creation of an illusion balcony and grey gradient floor tiles were used in that corner to give an outdoor café feel to this sunny reading spot.


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