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406 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore



A 40-year old 3 room apartment is translated into a minimalistic sanctuary with interlocking spaces. Design Intent is driven by Japanese Zen and harmony. The space is linearized by the intention removal of all walls to create a space that flowed accordingly to functionality. All unnecessary distractions are removed and only clean lines are allowed on ceilings, walls and carpentry. The introduction of parallel lines in the form of specially crafted folding and sliding doors in the living area is a surprising contrast to the space and unexpectedly balances and relaxes. It doubles up as a feature wall for the dry pantry as well as fulfills geomancy requirements, shielding the main door in an elegant way. The finishing touch for the apartment is the strategic placement of natural and artificial lights to accentuate the smooth lines, cast shadows and illuminate the space to just the right degree.

Josephine / Eloycois

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