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93 Kellock Rd, Melrose, Singapore

Hotel Splendor


This unit at Melrose is in the prime district just overlooking great world city and is a comfortable 1700 sq feet. The owners wanted a contemporary style and we suggested them to go with a luxe marbled theme that an apartment of this size could carry to the right effect. The living room consists of neutrals like white, beige and cream and it reminds you of a splendid 5-star hotel. There are good reasons why hotels choose such a palette because it is timeless and appealing and looked the epitome of taste and refinement. The master bedroom is done with a grey canopy of lowered ceiling with built in cove lights to give a cozy cave-like atmosphere and this is extended to amber tinted glass wardrobes reminiscent of a row of upscale wine cellars. The glass wardrobes are the precursor to bring the inhabitants into a dreamy dressing area leading into a spa like bathroom. Being in this enclave of creamy colours and luxury, we are reluctant to leave this place at the end of the party.


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