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18 Clementi Ave 1, The Clement Canopy, Singapore



This 3 bedroom 990sqft condo is home to a couple with 2 children. The owners were going for a clean & crisp contemporary style but still want the space to be homely and warm. The colour of choice for a contemporary home would be mostly white but to steer it away from appearing cold & impersonal, light greys and browns were added to the palette. There were 2 specific requests from the owners. Firstly, to fulfill fengshui recommendations, they wanted the colour green to be incorporated into the house. Secondly, they would like an outdoor dining area on the balcony. To go with the white, light grey and browns, a specially curated sage green was chosen as the upholstery for the bedroom headboards, which is both refreshing & trendy. The outdoor dining area on the balcony is really functional as well which can double up as a study area with a good view especially as more people are working from home nowadays. To remain true to the contemporary theme, a dazzling ultramodern louver-inspired ceiling is recreated with bold light cast around its edges. This is consistent with the lights casted onto the flooring which illuminates the space, giving a gallery effect.


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