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35 Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, Park Natura, Singapore

Modern Urban


This sleek apartment is a 3 bedroom resale condo of 1200 sqft and the proud owner is a couple with 2 children. There is an unmistakable bachelor pad aura about this apartment created by the spacious open kitchen artfully blended with the living area. All in greys and dark tones. This works perfectly for the couple as they need to have space to have people over and when the party ends, it doubles as a functional area for children to play & study. The dining area is a great place to start and end the day for this family and a solid marble slab was chosen as construction material for the table. This adds a materially rich centerpiece to the house and is often a conversational piece. An overhanging linear pendant lamp accentuates the long table, giving it the right proportion & symmetry. The rest of the house is a steady meld of blacks, whites, dark woods and the stone finishes and artwork animates it!

Josephine / Eloycois

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