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505 Pasir Ris Street

Modern Masculine


A young professional couple in their 30s owns this spacious 1,500 sqm executive apartment in Pasir Ris. They have a 4-year-old son and a helper to take into consideration during the planning. The design brief was to make the living area clutter free and party ready as they often have guests over but at the same time they do love to shop and have accumulated a lot of things and require ample storages to house them properly. Entering the house, you will be greeted with a spacious living area that is integrated with a dry kitchen with an island. The island is completely constructed with dark natural stone and the nature stone was also incorporated into the flooring in front of the island to mimic a carpet but sans the hassle for cleaning. It defines the living area and is a centerpiece of the house design. Behind the island you can find all the necessary appliances like wine fridges, coffee machines, ovens all integrated into the design. The wet kitchen can be closed off when necessary especially when they have guests over. Just next to the main entrance on the right side, you will find an unexpectedly huge storage area which is constructed with carpentry and it is able to hold a few mountain bikes and foldies, multiple luggage as well as large pieces of children’s toys. This feature is useful in keeping the house clutter free as items can be quickly stowed away into this area when not in use. The master bedroom is especially designed to be adjourned to their son’s room as part of a sleep training routine for their son. There is a sliding door to connect both rooms together and there is also an option to close both the room’s door separately for privacy when their child is older. An interesting feature would be also a nook for their poodle to sleep in if he wishes to. Last but not least, as the couple are Lego modular house collectors and they requested for a floor to ceiling lighted display cabinet to house all their collection in a dust free manner. We like how their beautiful collection enlivens the corridor to their rooms and makes their homes very cozy and personalized.


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