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78 Choa Chu Kang Ave 5, Inz Residence, Singapore

Modern Lux


This unique 2 bedder 689 sqft loft unit belongs to a young couple in their 30s and we are recreating a modern luxe hotel theme for them with staycation vibes. The first glimpse of the house is unsuspectingly normal with a regular dining area just after the main door. But a slight turn towards the living area to the right and you will get a huge surprise! The living room of this unit boasts a 4.5m ceiling height and we installed a floor to ceiling curtain to visually enhance this impressive vertical space while it also serves as a divider for the living and balcony area. A conversational piece of artsy geometric pendent light hangs above and its proportion is carried off perfectly due to the high ceilings. Opposite the sofa, there is a white marble laminate feature wall that extends all the way up to the ceiling and we built a staircase which consists of rectangular and triangle shapes going up the side of this wall to the mezzanine and extended the TV console as one of the steps to make this feature artistically asymmetric. Under the staircase we created a spacious store room for them to stash bulky items away and is a great feature that is really essential for the upkeep of tidiness in the apartment. The mezzanine is the study/gaming room and its tabletop is overhanging to increase the space of the mezzanine as well as to give a good clean view to anyone looking upon the living area. In the bedroom a mixture of dark and light colours are carefully chosen to match the existing carpentry of this new condo and to accompany these contrasting colours, a cement colour was added to blend them together. We enjoyed the design process of this unique space and we are glad that the client feels happy with this newly created space that is luxurious and cosy.

Josephine / Eloycois

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