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101A Bidadari Park

Downtown Manhattan


This sophisticated 900 sq feet apartment at Bidadari park brings us back to the stylish Manhattan metropolis and its fast-paced buzzy lifestyle. One of the main correlations is because Manhattan apartments are small but they focus a lot on open space planning and an urbane lifestyle. To fully open up the apartment, we installed full length blinds which instantly elongates the space and is one of the first things you notice about the proportion of the space once you enter. A carefully crafted ceiling with precise cuts and lines maps out the living spaces with the highlight being a curved portion which becomes the dining area. A bold playful take on the floor tiles was done with 2 contrasting types of floor finishes and the long horizontal lines it achieved adds depth and illusion of space. One of the finishing touches we enjoyed was the backstage lights installed in the bathrooms adding glamour and an artsy vibe to the place. Many cannot believe that this is a 900 sq feet apartment at first glance but after the house tour you will realize that the kitchen area was deliberately reduced to increase the size of the living/ dining area. All part of the client’s brief, as they do not do much cooking and prefer a bigger living area to entertain guests.


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