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261 River Valley Rd, Aspen Heights, Singapore

Modern Minimalist


This inviting 930 sqft 2 bedder condominium in river valley is the perfect marriage of modern construction + classic styling and belongs to a power couple. Upon entering we were enveloped by a harmonious warmth and spaciousness since the living and dining areas were interconnected. The colours were kept light because of fengshui requirements and we spruced up the space with textures, marbled patterns and organic elements like natural materials and plants. A finishing touch was curating the dining table in a similar material to the flooring to blend the living and dining areas as one integrated space. The kitchen is on point with a slight hint of classic design woven into the carpentry but lines are still kept straight and sharp. Coupled with a marbled backwall and gold handles on the doors, it is coherent with the living and dining areas. The master bedroom is a safe haven of comfort and is first felt when your feet touches the lush carpets. As you enter the room, the full-length dressing mirror with backlit LED strip at the side of wardrobe is functional and it highlights a little niche where we created small shelves to display a pretty perfume collection. The other cabinet carpentry comes with matte gold long handles and it has a tinted display section to display the owner’s prized possessions. This elegant home is truely timeless and a joy to live in!


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