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927 Bukit Timah Rd, The Cascadia, Singapore

Modern Scandi Lux


This resale condominium in the prime Bukit Timah district measures 1238 sq ft, and is home to a family of 3. We are delighted with how the warm lighting combined with the neutral earthy tones evokes a bronze lavish ambience that exudes understated style and elegance. The main feature of this home would be the open kitchen that can be accessed just beside the dining table with fitted ovens, a side by side fridge freezer and ample kitchen counter tops all conveniently within reach. The family loves to cook and this allows them to hang out at the kitchen dining areas to bond and prepare meals together! The flooring of the house is homogenous large tiles with a cool stone finish that lends a rustic edge to the look and makes the house look materially rich and artistic. Its colour complements the warm carpentry and fluted panels used around the house really well and melds the looks together. Another unique feature of this home is in the son’s room, and we created a huge bookshelf with an illuminated background to display his lego collection beautifully. He is a huge star wars fan and we love how the display feature allows his personality to shine through. It is also extremely functional as he is also an avid reader with a sizeable books collection. We specially designed the master bedroom bed frame that is integrated with a bay window with backrests, along with line works carpentry and a soft cushy center as the headrests. The master bathroom is a spa haven with bold glossy marbled tiles and plenty of storage space, mirrors and tabletops.

Josephine / Eloycois

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