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655C Punggol East, Sinagpore



Dressed in a Contemporary Scandinavian design styling, this 4 room HDB BTO apartment at Punggol East is the abode of a couple whom loves motion pictures. Galvanized from their travels, the new home owners took inspiration from the various hotels and cafes which were fondly etched into their memories. The dining table and kitchen tops were joined in a cascade design which is very popular since it elongates the space and is perfect for casual banter as the coffee is brewing and you can just hang out at the kitchen area or be seated at the dining table for a deeper conversation. The living room is a harmonious blend of mid tone woodgrains and mid-dark greys which creates a sophisticated and contemporary vibe that is both endearing and mysterious. The warm fluffy rug and soft curtains completes the look and offers a cozy sense of warmth. Down the corridor, you will find the master bedroom which is created with the same Scandinavian theme but with lighter tone woodgrains for a bright and airy feel coupled with many shelves for displaying a sizable perfume collection. This meld of light wood, glass and mirrors makes the bedroom very elegant and restful. With a well-planned flow and a definite harmonious overall blend, the results are a welcoming interior space with cafe vibes, and a perfect setting for movie nights at home.


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