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115A Jalan Ayer, Singapore

Scandinavian Café chic


The heart of urban Singapore, this charming 700 sqft HDB apartment undergoes a delightful transformation as a loving couple eagerly prepares for the arrival of their new born. The couple’s vision is a unique blend of a home café and a serene baby-friendly haven. The first step in their transformation journey is the master bedroom. With a growing family in mind, the room is designed to harmoniously accommodate a queen-size bed and a spacious writing desk for two. This versatile space will serve as a peaceful sanctuary for both the couple and their little one, complete with soft earth tones and the timeless beauty of dark wood grain, Scandinavian style. One highlight of this transformation is the master bathroom. An expanded shower area, complete with sleek contemporary fixtures, promises luxurious bathing experiences for the couple as well as the baby. The sink and vanity are elegantly relocated to the master bedroom, allowing them to multitask while caring for their newborn. And to complete the cafe-inspired theme, a professional coffee machine takes center stage in the dry kitchen. With the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through their home, it's a nod to the couple's love for coffee and a reminder that every moment is a cause for celebration. The home cafe concept, integrated with the anticipation of a newborn, reflects the couple's creativity and their unwavering love for their growing family. Every corner of their chic, Scandinavian-inspired space resonates with care and thoughtfulness and this transformation isn't merely about aesthetics; it's about crafting a multifunctional living space. The couple's dream of incorporating a 6-seater dining table and an L-shaped sofa in the common area is seamlessly achieved. This space is poised to serve as the heart of family gatherings, intimate meals, and memorable moments with their little one.


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