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337 Jurong East Ave 1, Singapore



Nestled in a quiet and welcoming neighborhood, this remarkable HDB Executive Maisonette is a haven for a multigenerational family, blending modern convenience with the warmth of family life. With a spacious layout encompassing 770 square feet on the first level and an additional 600 square feet on the second, this home provides the perfect sanctuary for a loving grandmother, a vibrant couple, and their three charming children. The heart of this home is its five cozy bedrooms that is redesigned from the original 3 bedrooms, each designed to offer privacy and comfort to family members. After a long day at school or work, the children retire to their own private spaces, nurturing their sense of independence and creativity. Meanwhile, the grandmother, a wise matriarch, enjoys her tranquil retreat, where she can reminisce and cherish moments with her beloved family. The family's daily life revolves around the kitchen and the dining area, reflecting their love for food and togetherness. The kitchen is a culinary playground, featuring both dry and wet sections. The wet kitchen, compact yet efficient, is where the art of cooking unfolds, with its dedicated cooking and washing areas. It's here that cherished family recipes are brought to life. The dry kitchen, a modern and inviting space, boasts a generous island and a well-stocked pantry. It's not just a place to prepare meals; it's a hub of creativity, where the family experiments with new recipes, shares snacks, and indulges in conversations over cups of tea. It's the perfect setting for breakfasts and casual family gatherings. The living area, although modest in size, exudes warmth and coziness, fostering intimate family moments. The dining area, on the other hand, is spacious and inviting, designed to accommodate the family's love for hearty meals together. It's where laughter and conversations flow freely, and everyone gathers to share the events of their day. The master bedroom, a tranquil sanctuary, features a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, offering a retreat within a retreat. It's a place where the couple can unwind, relax, and take a moment to themselves. The design of the home reflects their unique taste, with a dark-toned fabric pattern combined with monochrome accents. The highlight is the cleverly designed repositioned staircase, which is mostly hidden from view behind the TV feature wall with a generous long & dynamic entry focal point. In this HDB Executive Maisonette, it's not just about the physical space; it's about the love, laughter, and shared experiences that make a house a home. It's a place where cherished traditions are passed down, memories are created, and the love that binds the family together continues to flourish.


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