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Turn your house into a home with these style touches that extend a warm welcome.

A Raised Platform

While the raised platform is synonymous with maximising storage space in a tight bedroom, it can be used to demarcate open-plan spaces in an efficient order. In this minimalistic-looking flat unit, the cosy corner is made even more inviting with a raised platform cocooning it from the main living area.

Booth Seating

Entertaining your folks and friends will be a blast with a booth seat for your dining space. Not only is it extra cushy and has room for more guests, it can house additional storage at the base. Definitely a win-win!

Leather Grandeur

Leather is always spectacular and adding a few leather items can immediately warm up a room. In this living area, a classic Chesterfield set fills the space with cosy sophistication. The designers also used custom carpentry to accentuate the rich brown textures of leather by applying the same colour scheme to the full-height storage and showcase fixture.

Warm Colour Palette

It’s hard to stay away from a warm colour palette which immediately conjures a soothing setting. This room emits a quiet and thoughtful sense of cosiness thanks to the chestnut tones which are well-contrasted by gold accents.

Mix Dark & Wood Accents

Too much woody textures can overpower a room and to have a more balanced style take, add a sleek touch of black for good measure. This study space demonstrates how to work woody textures and a dash of black for maximum style impact. You can even consider custom ‘live edge’ tables for your home for a touch of individuality!

Soft Furnishings

Pile on the cosy textures with plush furnishings such as an area rug, cushions and curtains. Tie the look together by matching the colours with the rest of the main fixtures such as the furniture and custom carpentry. It will set off a well-appointed and welcoming style.

Open Configuration

An open-concept kitchen floor plan not only creates a spacious visage; hacking the walls can draw out a more relaxed style. For starters, try to stick to a pared-back colour scheme to avoid a visual overkill. This free-flowing space will see all the communal zones being merged together and will instantly open the interaction levels of your living space.

Warm Lighting

Install recessed lighting along the visual focal points you would like to highlight. The TV feature wall is a good idea for that as it will streamline the warm lighting towards your line of sight.

Tinted Mirrors

A sleeker way to warm up your space would be the use of tinted mirrors. It not only dresses up the space with a contemporary appeal, it projects a timeless allure which ensures the design stays fresh for years to come.

Lots of Textures

Wallpapers are such an easy and affordable way to add much visual interest to your living space so why not a lavish application to create a relaxing abode? Go for one with stronger motifs to really establish a style statement.


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