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10 young interior design firms with impressive portfolio


Helmed by principal designer Eloycois Er and project director Hans Chua, Erstudio delves into the technical aspects of design to fine-tune the art of it.

This is certainly due to their education in interior design and museum and exhibition design respectively, as well as their experiences at design consultancies, architecture firms as well as design and build industries.

The studio was set up in 2016.


A space should resonate with its dwellers, say the duo.

They should experience different moods and emotions as they move through their home. To achieve this, the designers take into consideration natural light sources, a well-planned circulation path, and a harmonious use of materials and finishes.

Erstudio works towards designs that are refreshing, yet timeless.


Be it within the team or with clients, communication is key.

"Ideas and messages must be put across clearly and efficiently. We are trained never to assume, and ask whenever in doubt. A lot of assurance is needed for clients to entrust their life savings to us, and this practice has prevented us from doing abortive works," share Eloycois and Hans.


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