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10 tips you need to know when designing a walk-in wardrobe

A good walk-in wardrobe should be inviting and cosy, with lots of storage solutions, and flexible design to cater to evolving needs. So make a list of all your clothes and accessories and make sure you create space for every item.

  1. Use a pendant lamp in the walk-in space to add a definite wow factor.

  2. Effective distribution of storage compartments and mirrors help give the illusion of a larger space. Consider where to place a full-length mirror, leaving enough space for you to step back for a good view of your whole outfit.

  3. A fabric mannequin adds a soft and creative touch, while serving as a useful hanger where you can drape coordinates such as scarves, jewellery and bags.

  4. For a masculine look, choose dark colours and textural materials to define the space, while allowing spotlights to draw attention to display shelves showcasing a collection of items such as watches and belts.

  5. For a feminine look, design a dressing table and an open display cabinet for jewellery and accessories, which add a touch of personal style and glamour. Choose lighter hues, and style with furnishings such as rugs, to soften the visual effect.

  6. If you have too much to store, design sleek pull-out cabinets where you can hide clutter, and still have sufficient space for an extensive collection.

  7. Direct sunlight will cause clothing to fade, so use track lighting instead. Ensure that they are positioned between you and the items, instead of behind or directly them, to reduce shadows.

  8. Don't hide your clothes behind doors, because having a clear view of your clothing, jewellery, bags and shoes allow you to visualise and decide which outfit to wear. Place your accessories in glass cabinets to keep them free from dust.

  9. Know your habits before designing — create a walk-in wardrobe that fits your organisational needs. This is important when you are planning the layout of the space.

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