9 Different Singapore Home Renovation Styles

Your home is often a manifestation of your taste, character and quirks. Are you simple, traditional, classy, fun or idiosyncratic? Whatever you are, there is a style to reflect your personality.

Here are the descriptions of nine styles as seen in Singapore's HDB and condos to get you started on identifying your own.

1. Vintage

Vintage interior design is commonly misconstrued as retro, or old. However, it actually refers to a particular period in time - the glamorous 1940s. Extremely elegant, colours are soft with one or two bold colours for impact, and fabrics, luxurious. Vintage houses emit an old world vibe, but are never over-adorned.

2. Contemporary

If you like to keep up with current styles, contemporary homes are for you. By its definition, contemporary designs are characterised by what is popular right now. Therefore, they are ever changing and can be a mixture of different eras, put together tastefully.

3. Eclectic

Eclectic interior design is a mishmash of styles, textures and colours in one room. Because it can seem so random, it treads the fine line between contrast and chaos and takes a keen eye to strike that balance. Done right, it can create an atmosphere that is charming, distinctive, imaginative and fun.

4. Industrial

The industrial interior comes from the manufacturing age and focuses on function. The look is raw, unfinished, achieved with rough surfaces and materials that suggest an industrial past. Wood and metal are used heavily, as are exposed pipes and ducts, cement screed, and vintage furniture. Done well, the style never looks sloppy, and can look highly coordinated.

5. Modern

Modern interior design is often confused with contemporary. While contemporary is defined by the now, modern is a style of its own and more timeless and iconic. Modern interiors are clean, neutral and unadorned, and the use of wood, leather and polished metal are prominent.

6. Scandinavian

Minimalist in approach, Scandinavian design is renowned for simplicity, functionality and beauty. Scandinavian homes are understated, but of perfect craftmanship and elegant. Clean lines, openness, muted tones, minimal adornments and geometric forms dominate. If you like open, modern spaces, this is the style for you.

7. Traditional

Traditional style interiors are comforting, classic and predictable. Everything is in place and of the same style. Detailed woodwork, sturdy, crafted and matching furniture are trademarks of the room that looks like it was put together meticulously.

8. Transitional

Transitional style is also commonly known as 'updated classic'. It is a blend of the classy and refined traditional style and simplistic contemporary style to create a uncomplicated design that epitomises harmony and elegance. Furniture used should focus on sophistication, comfort and practicality.

9. Retro

As with Vintage, retro designs are not anything that is old. It refers to the styles inspired by 1960s decor, where psychedelic patterns and colours ruled. These designs came with the hippy movement and today, inject homes with sense of nostalgia and eclecticism.