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Checklist For Toilet Renovation & Interior Design in Singapore

Here are our top 10 questions to ponder when involved in toilet renovation.

Toilet renovation and its interior design have revolutionised over the years. In the past, they merely served as a utilitarian room, but now it has evolved to a private sanctuary that kick-starts your hectic day and put a closure to your fulfilling day. As such, a thoughtful toilet renovation is definitely worth all your effort and time. Here are the big 10 questions to consider when it comes to toilet renovation & interior design. Interior design not only refers to the aesthetics of a space, it also refers to functionality. Pre-planning is crucial. Here is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before sourcing for contractor/designer.

1) How big is the space?

By knowing how big the space is it will determine what is in your toilet. For instance, in non-landed property owning a bathtub may not be realistic due to space constraints. By drafting a rough layout will facilitate the process significantly.

2) Theme & Colour Scheme?

A theme will set your toilet interior design a clear direction. There are many creative toilet interior designs out there. It could be Contemporary, Zen, Industrialised, Resort-style, Nautical and many more. You name it. Colour scheme is also another important factor of interior design. By choosing a set of colour scheme in the beginning will help you shortlist a series of selections for tiles, toilet equipment & accessories.

3) What is your budget?

Below is a price guide for toilet renovation in Singapore. However, do note that this is an estimated guide. In addition, if the restoration work involves demolishment do dedicate more budget to it.

2 Bathroom HDB


3 Room - $ 6,380

4 Room - $6,680

5 Room - $6,880

Exec - $7,180


3 Room - $9,980

4 Room - $10,280

5 Room - $10,480

Exec - $10,980


3 Room - $11,680

4 Room - $11,980

5 Room - $12,180

Exec - $12,880


3 Room - $13,680

4 Room - $13,980

5 Room - $14,380

Exec - $14,880

4) Who are the users?

Is the toilet for the entire family including children and elderly or is it just for a couple? Through knowing the users of the space it will help you answer the next 5 questions.

5) How do you intend to compartmentalise the space?

If the washroom is for the entire family including elderly and children, a wet-dry area is highly encouraged. By having a wet-dry area will minimise the chances of slip and fall accidents. As for the master bedroom, a mini vanity table can be set up for the lady of the house.

6) How much storage space would you require?

If the toilet is for the entire family, it probably requires more storage spaces. Ask yourself if the toiletries supplies are going to be placed in the bathroom for easier access or are you intending to put those in the storeroom? If yes, more cabinets will be needed. Do give yourself some allowance as toiletries tend to pile up especially when you’re somebody who enjoys a myriad of products to explore with.

7) Type of lighting?

Lighting is an essential element of interior design. Lighting not only serves as a function, but it also creates atmosphere. For elderly & child-friendly toilets, a bright lighting is preferred to prevent accidents. As for the master bed room, a dimmer lighting can be used to create a more relaxing ambiance after a long tiring day of work.

8) What are the toilet accessories & equipment needed?

Here is a list of basic toilet accessories & equipment needed.



Towel Holder/Rail

Toilet Bowl

Soap Dish

Shower Head



Toilet Roll Holder


Shower Basket




Toothbrush Holder

Instant / Storage Water Heater

Soap Dispenser


You may choose to do your own shopping on these items.

9) What type of flooring/tiles to use?

Texture, colour combination, and level of maintenance are 3 important factors when it comes to tiles selection. The most important criteria would be non-slippery tiles. Next, it must fit the theme of the washroom you can choose a few different colours but try not to exceed 3. Another tip would be including just one interesting & eye catching type of tiles to make the interior more vibrant. The level of maintenance is also vital as spending time on cleaning is not an ideal way to kill time amidst of our busy schedules.

10) Is plumbing work required?

In general, plumbing work is usually required unless if the homeowner is only changing the basic interior designs like lightings/tiles/accessories. Plumbing work sounds remote to most of us as we hardly expose ourselves to such professional work

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