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HDB Resale Renovation in Singapore l 5 Basic Guidelines

Are you a new homeowner of an HDB resale flat fretting over renovations? Here’s an introduction to what to expect.

HDB resale flat is getting popular these days as the long wait for BTO flats may not be a viable option for some homeowners. Well, now that you have gotten your resale flat, the next thing that crosses your mind would be - renovation. Renovation for resale flat can be simplistic or complex. It would very much depend on the original state of the flat and the personal preferences of the homeowners. Here are some guidelines to help you with your first-ever home.

1) Checking is Crucial

A piece of advice for homeowners would be - check the condition of the resale flat as thoroughly as possible. According to the Housing & Development Board Resale Terms & Condition, buyers are assumed to have full knowledge of the condition of the flat before purchase hence, if anything goes wrong the HDB will not be liable. A renovation consultant will bring assurance and minimise the amount of hassle for the homeowners.

In general, the condition of the flat should be decent enough to be put on sale. In most cases, the basic renovation should have been more or less done by the previous owner.

2) Thoughtful Budget Planning Can Save You Dollars

We all know how planning is the key to success, this applies to the realm of renovation too.

Typically, it would cost $15,000-$38,000 for HDB resale flat renovation. However, do note that this is a rough estimate. A tip that can potentially save you some money is: do not disclose the full budget you’ve set to your contractors instead, only disclose about 80% of the full amount. The 20% of the amount will then serve as a buffer. Ultimately, the cost is very much dependent on the scale and depth of renovation.

3) Know What You Want

So, how do you establish the scale & depth of your renovation? The answer is simple - by knowing your wants and don’t want.

After familiarising yourself with the interior of the flat, there must be a brief vision of how your dream home should look like. Discuss and research with your partner and determine a style or even styles for your home.

4) Know What You Don’t Want

Now that you have a style in mind, it’s time to get rid of the things that you don’t want. Since it’s a resale flat, there will be things left over by the previous owner that you don’t want. For instance, the ceiling design, tiles, doors, floorings, lightings, etc. may not be to your liking. Note them down and talk to your renovation contractor.

By knowing what you want and what you don’t want will very much determine the scale and depth of your renovation which also means the cost and duration of the project. Some amendments are bound to occur to fit in your cost planning.

5) Kickstart the Transformation!

With a rough planning in mind, you can now engage suitable contractors. Finding a reliable contractor who understands your requirements is the first step to a beautiful and cosy home.

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