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Tips in Choosing the Right Home Lighting

How should you light up your dwelling?

Keep in mind that illumination is meant for function, ambiance and elegance. Look at the following pointers on how to select the perfect lighting for the modern Singaporean residence:

• It is essential to single out your lighting objectives. Task lights are for the working or a specific chore. Ambient illumination aims to set a mood and focuses on the entire living space. Each room should have the atmosphere that you want to set as well as its required function.

• Good lighting is very important for the home. Clever homeowners can put together accents and think about the facets of ambiance and tasks for different rooms. Create a plan that will allow you to vary illumination levels inside the house from bright to low-key or any luminosity that will match your requirements. Begin with general lighting to make your room noticeable.

• Your lighting system must also security back-up. It should illuminate the pathways, front entrance and perimeter of your residence. Flood lights at the corners of your house can dissuade potential burglars. At the same time, it will not disturb your next-door neighbor. Check out the lighting guidelines in your neighborhood before installing security lights.

• Sconces for exterior wall panels can be used as decorative fixtures. Wall lamps can create character especially at night time. Directional sconces that point upor down can highlight the architectural facets of your home. Moreover, these can put emphasis on outdoor alcoves and plants that surround the house.

• For your interiors, several light sources are perfect for a single space particularly the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. This style helps the meticulous homeowner to attain different functions for that area. For instance, the kitchen can be fitted with counter top lamps for task lighting. On the other hand, living rooms will look more appealing with a floor lamp beside the sofa or reading chair. You can have mirror lights to reduce the shimmer and eliminate shadows.

• Night lighting is ideal for children’s bedrooms. This is meant to help youngsters sleep and prevent them from getting scared. If you have a nursery, the table lamp or faint wall sconce is the best option for functional lighting.

• The lighting plan for each space depends on the room’s function. Chandeliers produce superlative glamour and stylishness along with ambient light. These can be hanging alone or in pairs in all rooms of your abode including the bath. Consider replacing ordinary switches with dimmers in bathrooms, dining areas and family rooms. This will allow you to adjust lighting to a more comfortable mode and produce vibrant interiors. You can build up drama in an elongated vestibule with a short ceiling and repeat the same ceiling fixture every few feet. It is advisable to choose a style that is wider than it is tall for the best effects. Most of all, do not hesitate to layer lighting within the same space for separate purposes.

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