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Smart Interior Design Tips for Contemporary Homes

Home décor can make or break an abode.

That is why intuitive designers advise meticulous homemakers to be flexible. There are conventional rules in interior beautification. However, there is nothing wrong to disregard some rules provided the home looks lovely. Likewise, find a balance so your domicile looks fresh and not stale boring. It should be uncluttered and cozy as well.

Eco-Friendly Theme

Many homes in the Lion City follow unique but eco-friendly design concepts. Residents with little space prioritize functional while the well-off make use of technology in adorning their houses. Eco-friendlymeans light emitting diode sources for light fixtures and non-toxic paint brands. LED lighting is expensive upfront but these do not utilize a lot of electricity. Flooring can also be sustainable. Materials, which are responsive to the environment, include bamboo of wicker; cork; glass tiles; concrete; linoleum; carpets (Polyester Berber and Wool); rubber; and, recycled hardwood. Natural light is also common. Thus, many homemakers in Singapore opt for larger windows to allow more sunlight to come in.

Design “Tricks”

You can count on a plethora of tricks to transform the appearance of different rooms in your home.

• Look at the walls, floor and furnishings. Of course, do not forget the ceiling. Let your creative juices flow. For instance, paint the interior top of your house gold. This will reflect the illumination from huge windows. Moreover, it adds warmth and elegance to your home.

• For the walls, choose a vivid color and put in some accessories. These can be art paintings, beautiful vases, rugs, and throw pillows in the living room. Get a vibrant floor or table lamp. Color is one way of making the living space jovial.

• Go for the unconventional such as a brightly painted ceiling, white passageway, and ornate wall paper. Rearrange your furniture pieces and buy a few items if the room is quite bare. Remember that household fixtures can add character to your home for as long as the arrangement is not too distracting. Accessories are also essential since these bring a more personal effect on any space. You can build a pleasant atmosphere in the house with the type of accessories you select.

• Natural illumination is the most ideal. Yet, if sources of sunlight are limited, look for the right kind of supplemental lighting. However, the bottom line in home interior decoration is the need for comfort. Coziness should come first before style and design. Make your house habitable and functional as well more than anything else.

•To become a space saver, purchase multi-functional fixtures such as chairs or sofa that you can line up against the wall. Look for bed frames with built-in drawers or counter tops (tables) that can be folded. Mount your flat screen television against the wall. It is easy to find inexpensive frames that look exquisite just the same. You should be creative in designing and organizing.

Do not hesitate to spruce up your home. It is all a matter of putting together innovation, patience and these practical tips together.

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