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10 Tips to Make Your Baby and Kids House Friendly

The design of your baby’s house plays a major role in creating an environment that suits the baby. Kids' rooms are designed with two aspects which include baby friendliness and baby proofed room. These two aspects are quite different. Baby proofed room is based on the safety environment for the child while baby friendly refers to a home that can give an opportunity for the baby to explore, play and discover stuff independently. Here are a few tips to create a friendly environment or housing for your baby.

1. The baby room should be bright colored

Ideally, babies feel good when they glaze at the bright colored walls or fabrics. This is the first step to create a baby friendly environment. Ensure that the painting on your baby’s room includes colors that depict a distinct bright nature, and surely your kid will ultimately enjoy being even alone in the room.

2. Introduce some few favorite toys in the room

There exists no better way off luring your kid to be playful other than finding a few of the favorite toys and keeping them close to the child. The child is able to playing dependently with the toys. However, it is always important that the toys do not consist of any tiny and detachable parts that would be hazardous to the child when swallowed accidentally. It would be most recommended to introduce soft toys to the baby.

3. Create some space for the baby to play

As baby grow and start moving around they demand some extra space. When designing the baby’s home, make it a little more spacious so that as he/she grows up, she/he can get a space to play too. Sufficient space is also crucial for the amount of furnitures and toys the child will need in the future.

4. The baby room floor needs a surface cover

The flow of the baby’s room requires a surface cover fabric in nature; this prevents the baby from being hurt as she plays on the surface. Remember the colors of this fabric should also be bright or have some paintings on it.

5. Put some child sized set of furniture

A child will be very keen to try out what she/he sees in the living room. Put some sought of baby furniture to her/his room as well as in the living room depending on how old the baby is. Kids enjoy this so much,although it should not compromise safety.

Proofing is very crucial

As a parent, we should never ignore even the smallest details. Your baby’s safety is vital. A baby proofed room is a friendly home for any baby or kid. When babies grow up they will always be adventurous and thus some safety designs ought to be implemented.

6. Cover all electric outlets

This may bare the greatest danger to your child, cover all the exposed electric surfaces and this way you may have created a friendly environment for your child. This would prevent your child from sticking toys or even their fingers into the electric outlet which may be dangerous for them.

7. Customize the door a little bit

Baby’s get injured on their fingers by door hinges. Protection strips can be fitted on the door hinges to prevent the child from slipping a finger in them.

8. Safety gates at the stairs

Stairs pose a great misfortune to crawling babies, to prevent any injuries you can install a safety gate at the both ends of the stairs. They also prevent access to other dangerous areas.

9. Fit corner guards at the sharp corners

They actually prevent the baby from getting injured. If the baby room corners are sharp, try to ensure corner guards are fitted well.

10. Stabilize movable staff like book shelves or baby’s furniture

Furnitures can often pose a serious danger to babies if they are not fixed to walls or the ground. These movables can be firmly anchored on the walls to prevent them from toppling on the baby. The furniture in the baby’s room should be well stabilized.

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