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7 Tips on Creating a Modern Gothic Interior Design

Looking for a more unconventional style for designing your homes? Why not consider a more gothic style for a change this Halloween.

Gothic style has been around for ages, transforming from a traditional medieval form of architecture to a more contemporary concept to suit modern context over the years. Gothic interior design styles are widely used in residential and commercial properties to create a sense of mystery and elegance by incorporating arches, doorways and Victorian styled furniture. This ‘darker’ form of interior design style would be best suited for home users who prefer to apply a black-grey colour scheme to their homes.

Here are some inspirations that would provide some light on modern gothic concept.

1. Use of Raw Material

By incorporating bricks and timber, it gives a light rustic touch that calms and softens the whole overall design. However, the use of Victorian lightings, furniture and ornaments still retains its elegant, gothic ambience.

2. Incorporating of Geometrical Shapes to Create a Modern Look

The use of furniture and ornaments with geometrical shapes and minimizing the use of colours helps to bring out the modern element to this gothic design, giving it a modern yet luxurious appearance.

3. Choice of Colors and Patterns for Your Wall

The walls are often the key feature that most home owners tend to neglect. The use of grey scale colours and repetitive patterns on your wallpaper helps to enhance the gothic ambience of any home.

4. Chandeliers

The chandelier is a mandatory element to any Victorian, Medieval and Gothic architecture. The translucent curtains allows minimal natural light to enter the room, creating a shroud of mystery. The patterns embroiled on the walls helps emphasize on the overall gothic aspect of the place.

5. Furniture

The arched bed frame of this piece of Victorian styled bed is essential for any home owners who wish to relive the olden medieval times. The elements are kept simple and minimalistic in this instance so that the attention would be focused on the outstanding Victorian piece.

6. The Use of Dim Lighting

The lightings are used minimally in a black themed room which creates a sense of mystery and at the same time gives a slight tint of elegance. The timber decking used as the flooring evokes a sense of calm in the room.

7. Do Not Restrict to Only Black and White Colours

Gothic styles should only be restricted to the colours black and white, it is highly recommended to explore other colors but still keep the choice of colours minimal. The selection of warm colours for lightings and walls in this image displays the elegance of the room. The exotic furniture on the other hand creates a touch of class and luxury.

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