Here Are The 9 Most Overdone Interior Trends In Singapore

Too much of a good thing?

Interior trends may come and go (just as the millennial pink craze too shall pass). But, when is a trend truly over and done?

When it becomes so popular that everyone - from your best friend to your next door neighbour - is rocking the same, repeated look. Awkward.

That’s right, we’re looking at you, barn doors and spider lights. While these 9 interior trends are a hit with Singaporeans, they are everywhere - and frankly going into 'overdone' territory. Want your home to stand out? Swap out those cookie-cutter looks for these fresh new ideas below instead.

Overdone Trend #1: Brick Walls

That iconic terracotta colour, that raw, rough-hewn texture.

We feel you. There’s something about an exposed brick wall that makes us feel as though we’re living it up in an edgy loft or brownstone in New York. But, there’s more to designing a feature wall (and life) than this surefire, industrial style go-to. And besides, we can all agree that it will be a complete pain to clean anyway.

Try: Painted Walls

Let’s get back to basics - smooth and solid painted walls are witnessing a revival, with homes embracing various paint techniques (mural, half wall, patterned) for a youthful vibe. The biggest perk however, is its relative ease of maintenance - it’s easy to clean, and if you have a change of heart, just paint a new shade over!

Overdone Trend #2: Half Wall Partitions

What’s cooler than a fully hacked wall? A half-hacked one that brings the best of both worlds! Or not? What started out as a hip idea soon spiralled into a full-on craze. Everybody wanted black-framed windows looking into their houses - just because. Doesn’t matter if the half-hacked room doesn’t make any practical sense, or that it was actually meant for the baby. Guess he/she will have to make do with people looking in, eh?

Try: Full Wall Foldable Partitions

The half-hacked hype is over. Now, it’s all about making a statement; either go big or go home with a full length foldable glass partition that can be pulled out or stowed away, depending on your mood. Extend those partitions if you’d like to seal up a room (and create a statement frame around it). Fold them away if you want more space or just something open plan!

Overdone Trend #3: Barn Doors

Once an uncommon door design first got its roots in farmhouses, barn doors have since been a staple in almost every other industrial decor. This particular interior trend is more aesthetic than practical; doors that don't completely close off (there's always a gap in between), plus the hassle of sliding alone probably explains why it has turned into such a kitschy, cheesy fixture that’s sorely lacking in many areas (especially soundproofing and privacy).

Try: Concealed Doors

For something fun yet ultra sleek, play hide and seek with secret concealed doors that camouflage into your feature walls or partitions. Free from door knobs and handles, the result is a seamless look that adds an element of mystery. Way more interesting than pushing sliding barn doors in our opinion.

Overdone Trend #4: Industrial-Style Lights

Despite an infinite variety of lighting designs to choose from, the past three years have (stubbornly) been the age of the Industrial Lamp. We saw vintage Edison bulbs, spider lamps and cubed pendants sprouting in homes all over Singapore, and honestly? They are getting a bit stale. Broaden your horizons - perhaps it’s time to give other equally neat lights a chance?

Try: Modular Lights

This is how you take customisation to a whole new level. Just like Lego blocks, homeowners can build and create their own modular lighting structure by joining together basic light blocks. Not only is it an enjoyable process to see it all come together, today’s modular light designs - like Lindsey Edelman’s iconic ‘molecular’ chandeliers (1st picture above) - are a sight to behold.

Overdone Trend #5: Gallery Walls

Cue the Pinterest infographics and countless articles describing the ‘best way to layout a photo frame’. While gallery walls have been around for some time, recent years have seen an uptick in its popularity, as a low-cost way to dress up walls. Sure, it beats having a blank slate - but cluttering up your wall with a mass of family photos or photographs you took just for the sake of it is slightly ridiculous.

Try: Wall Hooks

Instead of flat, static photographs and picture frames, wall hooks definitely bring more drama, dimension and dynamic to your blank wall area. Functional yet creative, these hooks can be used to hang (and curate) all sorts of stuff - hats, baskets, planters - allowing homeowners to regularly change their look, whilst doubling as a practical storage piece.

Overdone Trend #6: Peranakan Tiles

Blending a mix of hipster and retro cool, Peranakan tiles have been the go-to tile choice for homes wanting a punch of patterns (without looking too kiddy). These vibrant tiles do have a knack for sprucing up any dull, flat space, but there’s no denying that they are becoming more commonplace - losing that unique, Asian charm that made it special in the first place.

Try: Geometric Tiles

We’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tiling. Think outside the square box, and countless types of floor tiles in all sorts of shapes and colours can equally be used to show stopping effect. For instance, Chevron shapes, fish scales or even retro, tiny hexagonal tiles that sometimes work as mosaics. The best thing about geometric tiles? They can also be used to create statement making, jagged transitions.

Overdone Trend #7: Venetian Blinds

Don’t even get us started on these ubiquitous blinds that are everywhere. Literally - HDBs, condos, landed properties; you name em’ - those white and black blinds are there. Maybe it’s that classic monochrome colour scheme that allows it to blend in with any style, or the elegant, colonial chic vibe it exudes. Whatever the reason - this interior trend is one that we can’t wait to get over.

Try: Curtains

Sure, blinds give you more light control, but the trusty curtain still comes up tops in terms of opacity and sound proofing. And unlike blinds with the usual white/black, wood or colour offerings, you can mix and match from a whole variety of fabrics, textures and colours when it comes to curtains, bringing endless combinations for any type of theme.

Overdone Trend #8: Chalk Walls

Also known as the best excuse to own a black wall, it’s funny how chalk walls have become such a must-have in many homes. Yes, you might say that it’s multifunctional - but past the hype and excitement of showcasing your artistic skills during those initial weeks, we’ll bet this overdone interior trend will end up being a white elephant - or simply, just another plain black wall.

Try: Pegboard Walls

If you want functional - then get this. Pegboard walls are the real deal; Aside from holes creating a nice, consistent pattern throughout (which also looks great as a feature piece), the wall can be used to hold almost anything. Hooks, shelving and other home items can be rearranged freely, creating a layout that’s both flexible and highly practical.

Overdone Trend #9: Subway Tile Backsplashes

A few years back, it was tempered glass. Today - it’s the subway tile. We are slightly on the fence with this trend though. Mainly because it still looks absolutely gorgeous. Nevertheless, there’s just one too many of the same white, glossy ceramic tiles in countless homes - so much so that it’s giving us design fatigue.

Try: Honeycomb Tiles

These tiny, hexagonal tiles the size of coins are the new backsplash favourites. Or if you are game enough, go for penny (round) tiles as they provide a bit more room for design, and can be used to lay out patterns for a hip, old-school look. And when light shines upon thousands of these minuscule tiles, they create a gleaming, iridescent effect, just like mirrored panes or fish scales!