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5 Types Of Interior Designers From Hell

If you are going to be renovating your house anytime soon, you would have probably already done the following things: started a Pinterest board titled “Inspirations For My New Home”, ogled at a few quirky furniture websites and commenced the process of searching for an interior designer for helping you to realize the home of your dreams. You dream that you and your selected interior designer will get along like a house on fire. You pray for a smooth-sailing renovation journey, and that you and the ID have similar aesthetic preferences and sensibilities. Of course, not everyone turns out to be that lucky. You’ve heard a few horror stories from your colleagues and friends, and you’re determined to not allow the same to happen with you.

What happens when you engage with the wrong person? Plenty: not only does your hard earned money go down the drain, but you also undergo a considerable amount of emotional and mental duress in attempting to deal with these unscrupulous folks. So here’s a quick list of telltale signs that a particular interior designer is probably from Hell.

Money, Money, Money

For this interior designer, money is their choice of drug. They practically will not function until you start feeding them cash and after that maybe, just maybe, they’ll agree to do up a 3D design for you. Hug your wallet close to your heart and run.

“Can We Do It? Yes We Can!”

Enthusiasm isn’t necessarily a negative trait, but when you have someone agreeing with whatever you say, no matter how ludicrous it may, know what something is definitely up. Let’s consider a pretty ridiculous scenario: you want a marble house done up whilst on a shoestring budget and your yes-man interior designer nods his head in agreement without offering any sort of resistance. Clearly, something isn't right. Trust your inner alarm bells when they go off.

Eternal Discounts

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. If your interior designer constantly reiterates their point about how they charge the lowest fees for all of their services and try to entice you with discounts, be rest assured that something fishy is going on. Promising you services at deeply discounted prices may indicate that the interior designer may be cutting corners and compromising on quality.

The Disappearing Act

This interior designer clearly should have been a magician by profession, because they always seem to disappear when actual work needs to be done. They may have done up a few sketches and 3D models for you, but once you start paying the installments and ask for updates, this interior design will ignore your frantic calls and Whatsapp messages and probably pretend like they do not know you. Frustrated, you ponder your next steps: do you threaten to lodge a complaint against them, or cut your losses and get out while you can? This dilemma is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Judging A Book By Its Cover

While it is common sense to conduct a thorough background check before engaging with the interior designer, people might skip this step entirely and be wooed by the visuals and projects the interior designer shows you. Always check for any and all reviews, and ask for opinions from friends and acquaintances who may have used the services of the same firm or interior designer. This step is crucial because if the engaged interior designer is not able to deliver the work according to your expectations or does slipshop, subpar work, the projects that were shown to you might not have been credible.

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