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7 hottest interior trend for Singaporean homes

Interior design trends are changing ever so quickly and it can be daunting to pursue trends since our home renovation should be made to last a decade or longer. We spoke to many homeowners and we are sure that there is only a minority that would paint their whole house millennial pink, even if it was the IT colour in 2017.It would be a wiser choice to stick to the classics and add a twist to make your home Oh so 2018! Let us give you our view on the trends that are here to stay.

1. Urbane grey

The Urbane grey look that we created for this cool couple fit their personalities to a T. Versatile and sophisticated it pairs well with warm wood to make their home welcoming and comforting.

In recent years, grey has overtaken all other neutral colours to become the main colour of choice for interior design carpentry. This is not surprising because grey is mid-way between black and white, is considered as a complete neutral and it goes well with almost any colours.

There is also a lot of depth if you use grey as different shades of grey gives a completely different vibe so your choice of grey will always define your personality. We foresee that grey will continue to stay in trend and rightfully so!

In 2018, you can try pairing your greys with pops of colour and why not Ultraviolet, the colour of the year as announced by Pantone. A couch or sofa will do well as you can always change them out when you want. If such a shade of violet is intolerable it is possible to tone it down to a rich hue of blue for the same effect.

2. Simply Scandinavian

The owners of this home wanted a Scandinavian theme that would go with the fabulous nature view from the living room windows and we put together this cosy apartment of natural light wood with a bolder flooring to give it character. We kept the apartment uncluttered with bare walls and designed a long countertop that connects to the TV console so that the owners could accessorize their home with memorabilia from their travels. The Tiffany Blue hues was the colour of the moment for the owners which can be easily swapped out to any other colour that they fancy.

The Scandinavian look with light wood is one of choice for owners who like their homes to be bright and airy and this classic is going to stay!

If your apartment does not have natural greens like the above, you can always accentuate it with indoor plants like below to enjoy lush greenery that goes really well with a Scandinavian theme.

Photo courtesy of KarmaStyle

3. Dark with metallic accents

We love how metallic accents jazz up a dark interior. This couple wanted a combination of dark and warm woods for their snazzy loft apartent.With a 5m high celing the view from the living room is dramatic and awe-inspiring. Hence we used subtle details to play up the features nicely and we are proud to create this shiny metallic stunner that is pure understated glamour.

4. Ultra-modern white

A space that is mostly white is often stunning, contemporary and gives a gallery effect. White is also stylish and elegant and most importantly timeless. A client that chooses white as interior excites us as it is like a blank canvas to an artist! The apartment featured above is of a modern contemporary theme and we used graphical designs and different textures to make this home interesting and cosy.

For 2018, you can try to blend vintage accessories and a bit of marble into your white theme to give it a nostalgic and classy tone that reminds us of Yves Saint Laurent.

5. The Spa bathroom

A top tip to recreating a spa bathroom is to make the floor colour seamless with the walls. This continuity creates a feeling of harmony that is often what spa goers seek. Also have lots of under counter space for storing towels as the sight of clean fluffy linens stacked away is comforting. One of the walls can be created out of stone and plants can be added to bring some nature into this personal sanctuary.

6. Concrete Cool

A concrete wall forms the centre piece of this living room design with overhanging shelves that showcase a remarkable vodka collection. It used to be unconventional to use concrete as a finishing. However in recent years, concrete has become the material of choice to create a chic industrial feel and free spirited homeowners are not afraid to exposure their concrete because if used tastefully this material can be just as beautiful as other more expensive materials like marble or granite.

In 2018, consider extending concrete to accessories like side tables, shelves and lights.

Photo courtesy of therugseller

7. Luxe patterns & Materials

Photo courtesy of Warwick

Geometric patterns and luxe fabric like suede, velvet and satin has always been popular and this year make it current by choosing a pastel hue like dusky blue and match it with different textures to intensify the tactile appeal.

Mix and match of different geometric patterns also works if the same colour palette has been chosen

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