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5 Traits of a Skillful Interior Designer

We’ve all heard our fair share of horror stories about unprofessional interior designers and their subpar work. To avoid having to deal with one yourself, read through this mini checklist to ensure you’re placing you home in good hands!

1. They Push You To Be Bold

You wouldn’t want to engage an interior designer who merely does as he or she is told. Good interior designers should be able to cater to your ideas while adding their own creative spin. They’ll also be able to guide you towards making adventurous yet rewarding decisions, and it’s with them that you’ll have the confidence to walk down a more daring renovation path.

2. Their Ideas Are Authentic

Scandinavian-inspired and industrial-chic interiors are really popular these days. Many ideas relating to both these themes have long been overused, but a good interior designer will have the ability to come up with their own imaginative concepts. What you should be looking for is someone who can propose ideas that haven’t already been widely used, and those ideas should be original enough that they aren’t already featured on most home décor sites.

3. They Take Note Of The Big Picture

After getting the bigger stuff out of the way, your interior designer will start working on the more minute details. However, despite the focus on more intricate design aspects, a good interior designer should be able to constantly keep overall balance in mind. At the end of the day, whether you’re looking at your renovation plans from a micro or macro perspective, both should feel equally as strong.

4. They Easily Spot Potential

A good interior designer is quick to spot potential. After a survey of your space, they’ll be able to roughly envision what it could potentially look like. They’ll also make suggestions based on how they think your interior can best be used to create a functional and stylish home that caters to your needs.

5. They Keep Themselves Updated

Even the most experienced interior designers have to constantly keep themselves updated. A good interior designer will be able to tell you what themes, materials and furniture are in trend because they consistently keep up with the times. Their opinion and guidance becomes really valuable and helps you make stylish and logical decisions throughout.

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