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These 6 Reno Styles Are Taking Singapore By Storm

Homes are extensions of our personalities, which is why our tastes, styles and personal preferences are reflected in our aesthetic choices. How we decide to embellish a semi-permanent, personal space betrays a lot about us. The following article reveals the most popular styles of interior decor that Singaporeans never fail to keep requesting for.


Characterized by simplicity, attention to detail and practicality, Scandinavian themes occupy the top position in the hearts of renovating Singaporeans. The quiet elegance and resilience of Nordic designs lie in their clean, minimalist lines, heavy usage of wood and emphasis on geometric designs. Pastel and other neutral colour schemes dominate the decor, thus giving off the illusion of an open, wider space. Unnecessary accessories are done away with, thus making the Scandinavian style of decor a relatively affordable one.


Modern styles are pristine and masculine in their aesthetic, and utilize generous doses of leather and metal. Colour schemes for a modern style are often darker and are limited to two or less: you’ll be hard pressed to find a modern home painted in four different colours. Whilst the term “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably, this is erroneous: modern style refers to a distinct style of art and architecture popularized during the War years. Contemporary is slightly more abstract, as it refers to anything popular in the current time frame.


Industrial homes are unmistakeable due to their exposed brick element, use of cement screed and exposed pipes. This style often draws polarizing opinions, with some questioning why people would pay thousands to have their house look like an embellished factory godown. But if executed right, industrial homes can look immensely sleek and stylish. Industrial styles incorporate wood and metal into their looks, drawing inspiration from warehouses of yore.


Boho-chic styles are popular amongst the adventurous and young-at-heart, and are characterized by bold colours, trippy patterns and kitschy styles. Plants and ferns are abound in bohemian houses, and at least one hammock or swing is found indoors. Inspired by the hippie movement in the Swinging Sixties, bohemian styles are an embodiment of freedom of expression and creativity.


Eclectic styles are often chaotic, as you can throw in crazy colours, styles and accessories to give rise to a mutant, oft-cluttered aesthetic. It’s easy to go overboard with the eclectic style but when executed right, eclectic styles can transform one’s whole new into a terrific work of art. Inspired by the surrealist works of Salvador Dali and psychedelic pop art of Andy Warhol, eclectic styles appeal to those with a slightly wacky taste in interior decor.


Vintage styles are grandiose and their designs utilize expensive items such as leather, marble and gold. Opulent and lavish, the vintage style references the majestic styles of the Jazz Age-the early 1920s. You would have to be prepared to shell out quite a fortune to attain this visually striking style.

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