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7 Reasons To Go For Local Interior Designer In Singapore

If you’re buying a new apartment or thinking about renovating an old one, then chances are that you’ll be searching high and low for an expert local interior designer. Interior design in Singapore is a budding industry that offers some of the greatest designs, aesthetics and trends in the region. Since taking on a new interior design project can be overwhelming for a rookie, it is best to consult a professional designer. They will help you understand your ideas better, give your rough ideas vision, and offer expert execution.

It would also be better to go with a local interior designer, as they are well-versed in what works best for that particular region. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons you should definitely opt for a local interior

designer in Singapore.

1.Knowledge of design, materials and technicalities

Every region has its own building and construction style. In countries like India, they abide by brick masonry. In the western countries steel structures are more dominant. Similarly, interior design in Singapore and Malaysia has its own set of technical, material and design restrains, and nobody knows them better than an experienced local designer. Their skill and knowledge of these technicalities will ensure that you get the best quality of interior design.

2. Quality control over the workmanship

The local interior designers dabble in fieldwork even during their education. Therefore, they have interminable connections with various labor unions, craftsmen and workers all over the industry. So when you consult a local designer they will provide you excellent quality control over the workmanship. They will be acquainted with the best workmen in the region, which will ensure that you get the best designs.

3.Knowledge of culture, traditions and vernacular

Every region has its own culture and traditions, which end up defining the lifestyle of the people. No international interior designer will ever be able to interpret your local lifestyle successfully in a floor plan. They will design according to their understanding, which might not be suitable for where you reside. In retrospect, a local interior designer understands the vernacular customs, traditions and lifestyle very well. They can design spaces that will accommodate your day to day life with no hindrance at all.

4.Budgeting control over the renovation cost

A local interior designer is well-aware of the current market prices of all construction and design paraphernalia. This allows them to have a tight rein over the budget. An international designer will never know if their recommending a product with an inflamed price or not. So hiring a local interior designer will keep you from uselessly busting your budget and renovation cost.

5.One-stop service – save time talking to dozens of tradesmen

If you outsource a complete design from an international designer, you will have to tackle the insurmountable madness of the renovation process yourself. You will have to hire all sorts of contractors – building works, door and windows, electrical works and many more. But a local interior designer offers you a one-stop service. You will not have to talk with dozens of tradesmen, which will save you a lot of time and headache.

6.Personal site survey and supervision

Here’s a small secret you should know; no design can ever be completely perfect if the designer hasn’t personally surveyed the site. Without actually appraising each and every nook and cranny of the space-to-be-designed, no designer can ever fully utilize and skirt around the constraints of the site. So the biggest benefit of hiring a local interior designer is that they can ensure a personal site survey and supervision before, after and during the process of renovation. This will improve the quality of the end product.

7.Easier communication

Language barrier can be a big problem, especially when it comes to something as abstract as interior design. Often times, you will find that you cannot communicate your ideas and expectations to the designer very well. Compared to that, hiring a local designer will give you opportunities to better convey your concepts in a reasonable way.


As you can see, there are a lot of points that a local interior designer can better help you with. Since interior design in Singapore has very specific vernaculars, it is always better to go local rather than international with your preferred design team.

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