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Big 4 Mistakes to Avoid For Your House Renovation Works

People tend to make mistake when they are new to something, the same goes the first timer homeowner dealing with their house renovation. Today, we are going to share with you what are the “Big 4 Mistakes to Avoid For Your House Renovation Works”.

Number 1: Don’t Simply Hack

If you intend to tear down any wall for your space planning, you must know what can be hacked and what cannot be hacked. First, you have identify which are structural members like rc column, rc beam and rc slab. Basically, you cannot simply hack or tear down any structural members,otherwise the structural integrity of the building might be affected. Therefore, always ask your Interior Designer and Renovation Contractor before tearing down any wall.

Number 2: Don’t Pay All Your Renovation Cost Upfront

Renovation cost is not a 1-2 dollar thing. It involves a lot of money. So, dont ever pay all your renovation cost upfront, what you need to do is to give a percentage downpayment upfront before any physical commences. The balance can be paid progressively.

Number 3: Don’t Be Greedy

It is normal that everyone is looking for the best deal for their house renovation. But if the deal is too good to believed, then you have be careful, because it may lead you to another renovation scam. There is no free lunch in the world, so long the price is within the market range, then it should be ok.

Number 4: Don’t keep changing your mind

Be clear of the scope of works and the design style that you want upfront. Don’t keep changing your mind as the renovation works are going on. This will just lead your to additional cost and substantial delay to your renovation works.

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