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How To Make Your Home Look Bigger?

Every home owner wishes to have a house that looks like a million bucks. It may be small on the inside, but that’s the beauty of good interior design; it can make even the smallest of spaces seem grand and luxurious. Interior design in Singapore is leaning towards the ‘upscale’ end of the design spectrum. This is mostly because the standard issue apartment and condos have a specified square footage and designers have been coming up with clever ways to enlarge these spaces for a long time. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some interesting and brilliant ways you can use to make your house look bigger.

(1) Invest In An Open Floor Plan

Do you know why ever other home features an open-floor plan these days? It’s because these plans are a great and cost-effective way to create the illusion of a larger space. You wouldn’t need to invest too much in internal wall construction and demolition, which would save you a lot of time and money. Open floor plans can be unique and distinctive. You can even individualize the space by using platform floors, color coding and unique furniture. It enhances transparency throughout the space, which opens up the visual filed of the user, thus making your house automatically look bigger.

(2) Design large Window Portals

Interior design in Singapore is many times constrained by the official guidelines, but you can always get a permit to enlarge your standard issue windows. When you have large windows, you automatically get more natural light, which can make your home look infinitely larger and refreshing. A home with lots of windows will not only look bigger, but will also be cozier. You can even design either a bay window, sitting nook or even a small breakfast area beside these windows to further beautify your homes.

(3) The Magic of Beautiful Lighting

While natural lighting is all well and good, you need to focus even more on artificial lighting. Interior design in Singapore is embracing the open-floor plan format with vigor these days, which can be tricky to design lighting for. You have to be very cognizant of the flow of the space. In order to make your house look larger, you can use a combination of ambient and accent lighting. One will create a seamless flow of light, while the other will lighting certain areas of your house. Together, these two lighting styles will definitely make your house seem larger.

(4) A Lighter Color Scheme

Color psychology in interior design dictates that darker and vibrant colors can make a space seem smaller and claustrophobic. In retrospect, lighter hues reflect light, which makes the space seem larger. So you should paint, or treat your walls in lighter hues. Recommended colors are white, beige, champaign, tan, ivory, grey, pastels and more. When applied in the right context and materials, all of these colors will look gorgeous and luxurious.

(5) Smart & Dual Purpose Furniture

Smaller homes should be furnished with smart or dual purpose furniture. This will reduce the amount of actual furniture that you will need, thus making your homes look larger. Interior design in Singapore are gradually embracing this trend. A great example of dual purposed furniture is a smart sofa that converts into a bed. Another great example is a folding chair that turns into a coffee table.

(6) Wall-Mount Shelves & Sofas

The layout of a small home is always important. It cannot resemble the space layout of larger space. The best way to create an efficient layout for a small house is to use wall-mount furniture. This includes shelving units, couches and even tables and chairs. This will keep everything from getting in the way of the circulation space, which will instantly make the house seem larger. Interior design in Singapore is currently being designed around this formulaic layout.

(7) Play Illusion With Lines

Using vertical and horizontal lines is the perfect way to create the illusion of a taller and wider space respectively. Vertical patterned wallpaper can create the illusion of a taller space, while a horizontally striped rug can make your home interiors look wider and spacious. But you should always keep in mind never to use both horizontal and vertical linear patterns in the same space. They will clash garishly, which will negatively impact the ambiance of your interior design.

(8) Looking Mirror Wall Cladding

Using looking mirrors to clad an entire wall is a very hot interior design trend in Singapore these days, and rightfully so. Using large mirror leafs to decorate an entire wall creates the illusion of ‘double’ the space. The mirrored effect is amazing, especially when combined with expert lighting. This is a surefire way to make your house look larger.


There are quite a few ways you can make a small space seem larger. Interior design in Singapore is gradually being directed to embrace these design techniques in order to get the best layouts and results.

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