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Top 5 Facts of Carpentry Works

Good carpentry can be a breath of fresh air in typical HDB residences. From in-built shelving units to customized wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, a good carpentry contractor can emulate the best of design and the most beautiful finishes in your HDB interior designs. It’s a skilled trade that requires extensive and skillful work along with a lot of experience in order to produce qualitative designs.

When you decide to undertake a home renovation, you must prepare yourself for extensive carpentry works. Further, let’s take a look at the top 5 facts of carpentry works you must know before you engage any carpentry contractor in Singapore.

1. Customized Carpentry Works

If you’re carrying out extensive renovation works in your HDBs, then be prepared to fork out a lot of cash because it’ll probably come with some customized carpentry works. A good carpentry contractor can realize your designs perfectly, but the cost may be steep. From full-fledged platform beds to beautifully designed media walls, everything comes at a price. So always calculate what is worth splurging on, when you’re finalizing your interior designs.

2. Standardized & Customized Wardrobe Designs

Typical HDB wardrobes come in standardized sizes, but if you want your homes to look unique, or want to invest in clever storage solutions, then its best to go with new ones. However, it is important to note that these customized wardrobes can cost you a pretty penny – especially if you’re going to retrofit a design that will suit the size and dimensions of your existing space. These customized HDB wardrobes look extremely gorgeous and can emulate any interior design style you’re working with, so they’re definitely worth their costs.

3. Investing In New Kitchen Cabinets

Typical HDB kitchen cabinets are quite conventional in designs, and can be hard to emulate into themed interior design settings. So if you thing you can afford new ones, then it’s definitely recommended to go for broke. Note that this includes extensive amount of carpentry work, which can be especially costly.

However, if you think that this investment is an unnecessary budget buster, then you can simply exchange the laminates and keep the framing and woodwork the same. This will cut down the cost, and make your HDB kitchen cabinets aesthetically enviable at the same time.

4. Cost-Effective Design Styles

An important factor to consider while deciding on a specific design theme for your HDB interior is the carpentry. Since it usually costs a lot, people tend to go for neater, sleeker and clean design styles like minimalism, modernism and Scandinavian. This is because the simplicity of such aesthetics can cut down on the amount of woodwork that has to be done in a home. A good carpentry contractor can even provide you with sleek, imperceptible finishes while carrying out this particular style of furnishings and in-built systems. Just remember: the minimal your design, the cheaper the carpentry.

5. Specialized Carpentry Works

Specialized carpentry works like laser-cut furnishings, partition walls and more may look very attractive, but at the end of the day, they’ll cost you a pretty penny. So always be aware of the kind of design you lock before consulting your carpentry contractor. Only go for elaborate designs if your budget allows for it.

So these are the top 5 facts you must always consider before investing in carpentry works. We hope this article helps you get a hang of the basics.

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