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House Tour: White-and-wood three-bedroom condo apartment in River Valley

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Designed by Cris and Zu Huai of Erstudio, this 1,334sqf three-bedroom resale condo apartment at River Valley is home to a family of nine — a couple with their four kids, elderly parents and another relative.

The homeowners were very clear of what they wanted — a white-and-wood palette, with hints of black in the home.

As the family own lots of books, storage shelves were designed as part of the TV feature wall for them to showcase their library.

Some of the strategies that were put in place to keep the home clean and looking free of clutter was the elimination of ceiling-mounted lights. Instead, recessed lighting were incorporated, which add to the overall cosy ambience too.

Part of the approximately $130,000 renovation, the designers also made full use of wall space to include built-ins such as a study table or dresser in one of the bedrooms.

Bedroom wardrobes were cladded in a white laminate to blend seamlessly with the walls alongside it, without making the home feel claustrophobic.

Additional cabinetry were added alongside the TV wall too.

A geometric tile was chosen for the shower area in the bathroom, lending it its eye-catching, textural look.

A white and wood look continues into the bathroom.

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