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Small space designing is a pretty challenging task, but if you’re feeling up to the mark and are confident in your abilities to take it on, then here are 5 common challenges and their solutions to help you out:

Learning to balance the décor

Balancing the décor is incredibly challenging when it comes to enhancing small space interior design. You need to have a keen eye about what’s too much and what’s too little. Sometimes, people create fussy gallery walls on a small accent wall, which feels too much. Instead, it’s better to opt for one or two statement art pieces in order to make an amazing impact!

Learning to create innovative barriers

Layouting small bathrooms can be the hardest thing in the world, but if you know how to get innovative with partitions, then it can also become the most fun project that you’ll ever indulge in. It’s not necessary to create a shower stall that is built against one wall. You can just as easily use two glass partitions to create one in the middle of the room!

Learning to create glamour

It can be difficult to glamourize small spaces, but it’s not an impossible task. You can do so by finding the perfect combination of colours, furniture, and light fixtures. Sometimes, a good light fixture can make an excellent decorative focal point. So if your space is small, then just experiment with neutral colours and place a gorgeous light fixture in the middle. It will look absolutely glam!

Experiment with lighting effects

Small spaces look the best when they’re embellished with different light effects. Backlighting is an especially great way to emulate glamour in an ambiance. You can also feature hidden strip lights within ceilings and shelves to create a glamorous vibe. You can even backlight artwork if you really want to go all the way.

Learning white textures

White is a colour that reflects lots of light and has the ability to make a space feel spacious. But if plain white is too boring for you, then you can dress your small space in different white textures like Carrera marble, soapstone, etc. for the best effect.


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