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The bedroom space of most HDB or BTO bedrooms is getting increasingly smaller and a lot of people are trying to make the most of it. Let’s face it, the HDB or BTO bedroom in Singapore way smaller compared to those bedrooms we swoon over on Pinterest and attempting to decorate them the same way may prove catastrophic.

Don’t get me wrong, just because your HDB BTO bedroom is small doesn’t mean it cannot be a dreamy oasis filled with relaxation. It can. All it needs is extra thoughts and consideration to make the most of the space you were allocated. It is also important to consider the layout, so you can make the most of the design.

Yes, it is possible to have a small HDB or BTO bedroom without sacrificing its beauty and space. It is also possible to have a small space that doesn’t appear visually chaotic. Here are 5 décor ideas and tips to make the most of your small HDB or BTO bedroom.

Go Soft On Colours

The trick to having a non-chaotic HDB BTO bedroom is simply to utilize soft colours. It is no secret that neutrals are perfect for a smaller bedroom. This is because neutrals like white, beige or grey are bright colours and these colours help expand or widen a space. They don’t do this by adding even an inch to the bedroom, it is simply about perception. Neutral colours trick the brain into interpreting light to mean more space.

Neutrals are also a perfect backdrop for your décor, as they have a subtle influence on the rest of your décor. You can also utilize the soft warmth of wood to create a more relaxing ambience.

Choose The Right Size Of Bed

Most HDB BTO bedrooms can comfortably fit a queen-size bed. A king-size bed might require more space than available. Hence, it is important to consider the right size of bed for the room space available to avoid the room looking all crammed up.

Alternatively, you can consider using platform beds, as they not only come with extra storage which keeps things decluttered at all times but are also great at making a room feel instantly bigger due to its low profile.

Try An Built-In Shelf In The Wall

Shelves are a good way to keep things organized. A built-in shelf is an even better way to keep things organized as they provide plenty of storage without looking cluttered. It gives your bedroom a sophisticated look while maximizing space. For the ultimate shelving, experience let your built-in space be the same length and width as the walls.

Place Your Bed In A Corner

Placing your bed in the corner is an effective way to making the most of your space. As it gives you plenty of room to move around and maybe add a vanity spot right there in your small HDB BTO bedroom or decorate as much you like. It is best to choose a corner opposite from the door if possible, if it isn’t, that is fine as well.

Let Light In

Lighting is a great way to keep a small bedroom from looking all crammed up. When we say lighting, people automatically assume we mean accent and track lighting only. Why these are ultra-chic options, you have to also utilize natural lights. The combination of these three lighting options is the secret ingredient to jazzing things up in your small space to make it all glammed up.


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