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Maximalism. Florals. Organic shapes. Handmade. Tactile textiles Can Interior Design really be inspired from Fashion? We say yes! Read on for more on the wearable and liveable micro-trends that are tipped to take up residence in our homes in 2020.

Everything’s Connected

In this Internet-fuelled interconnected world, and in truth long before the dawn of digitisation, interior design and fashion have been referencing, inspiring and mimicking each other. Both are accessible, three-dimensional means of artistic expression that anyone can buy into. The year is no exception.


The world is tiring of all that uptight discipline and restraint. While a minimalist aesthetic limits creativity and condemns our homes to a plainness verging on dullness, maximalism allows you to create a visually rich and uniquely personal space. In the maximalist home there is a place for collections, family heirlooms, sentimental bric-a-brac and holiday souvenirs. The fashion equivalent would be anything from ‘bohemian chic’ to eccentric ‘eclectic’.


Take a look at the collections of all the masstige and designer fashion labels and chances are you’ll find flowers. And lots of them. No doubt it’s related to the growing concern for our ailing planet. It could also be a backlash against the doom and gloom of the global economy. Either way, florals are a lovely way to brighten up a home. From a cushion to the whole sofa, from wallpaper to blinds and curtains, life can be a bed of roses!

Organic Shapes

Taking a leaf from nature – organic shapes are uniquely beautiful and increasingly popular in interior design. From ‘live edge’ tables and benches made from slabs of solid timber to curvilinear bathtubs and asymmetrical undulating sofas and floor rugs, right angles are not so right anymore. The trend can be seen on the runways in relaxed silhouettes and loose, flowing forms. In jewellery, the natural shapes of uncut gems and baroque pearls are flaunting their perfect imperfections.


In a rebellion against mass manufactured plastic ‘stuff’, the word has embraced the crafts of our grandparents’ generation. Knitting, spinning, quilting, painting, woodwork, pottery – the happy hippy pursuits of the sixties and seventies are trending again. And the evidence is everywhere – from handmade jewellery and hand-knits to handicrafts in the home.

Tactile Textiles

Trend tipsters predict a corduroy comeback. Ditto suede, velvet, hessian, jute and anything handwoven. It’s tipped to be a touchy-feely decade – in fashion and interior design.


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