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Kitchens are beginning to be just as decorated as any part of the house as this area has moved from just a cooking space to something more. The kitchen now serves as a place for entertainment of our guest, building a connection with family, playing family games etc. due to all of this purposes the kitchen serves, it is considered the heart of the home by many people and we need to cook up a decor that brews of style worthy of the kitchen.

No matter the style, from the chic contemporary and sleek modern to the traditional farmhouse, there are some items that must be present in the kitchen to give this area a practical and spot-on elegance.

Here are 5 items every stylish kitchen should have no matter the style.

A Storage That Serves Well

Like Louis Parish said, “if you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life”. An organized kitchen is a hallmark of any stylish kitchen. A kitchen should be decluttered at all times and there should be space for everything. An organized kitchen heightens the kitchen experience. The best way to get an organized kitchen is to maximize the use of your cabinets as storage and declutter the counter. Go through your cabinets and discard what you don’t need anymore. Store things on the countertops in the cabinets. To make things easier to locate, place them according to how it is used.

A Bold Statement Faucet

One of the easiest ways to renovate your kitchen into a stylish one is to change your fixtures. One of such fixtures is the faucet. The faucets come in different styles and finishes, there is the polished brass, polished chrome and matte black. These faucets make a bold statement with their high arc sprout that elevates your kitchen décor while providing top-notch functionality. These bold statements are no longer a luxury, they are affordable ones too and everyone needs to get this fixture in their kitchen.

A Touch Of Nature

Every part of the home needs a touch of nature and the kitchen is not an exception. Surround your kitchen with the calming effect of kitchen plants as plants or flowers not only beautify your kitchen, they also purify the air and makes the atmosphere airier and pure. The best kitchen plants to brighten up your space includes peace lily, English ivy, Chinese evergreen, air plant and fresh herbs.

Something Personal

One way to make your kitchen unique is to include something personal to you this could be a gift from your mother, your favourite kitchen books, a drawing or planting you love, different cutting brands etc. Having things personal to you helps you connect with your kitchen on a deeper level and makes you feel at home there. Once you feel at home in your space, cooking time becomes more than a strenuous activity, it becomes favourite hour and you just want to spend them in there with pots banging and meals sizzling.

Natural Materials

Natural materials vibe with every style and never really go out of fashion. They add a rich texture, colour and warmth to a space giving the kitchen a timeless elegance. It is a must-have for every stylish kitchen. You incorporate natural materials by adding items like a woven basket, terracotta vase, fabric, wooden utensils, wooden countertops and chairs.


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