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The living room is the most prime area in any HBD or home. Many activities are happening there simultaneously and this place is a focal point for anyone entering your HBD. Also, it is the place where you spend the most time with your family members and friends and so you should make sure to make it welcoming, comfortable yet eye-catchy. It’s that treasured space that sets the tone for your entire home decorating style.

There are abundant things to consider while designing the living room, from picking the right color palette, wallpapers, patterns to furniture, rugs, and other materials. But with a little help from some experts, you can do all of it on your own. In this article, we have listed some handy ideas for you to consider when designing a modern and functional living room.

Pick Colors From The Wallpaper

Sometimes choosing a color palette for your living room becomes a challenging task, as you may be attracted to dozens of colors at a time. One easy and creative solution to this dilemma is to pick your favorite wallpaper and use its hues in the rest of your design. Look at this living room design how all of the colors in the room from ceiling, walls, furniture to other accessories are coherent to the wallpaper used on the media wall and creating a captivating interior design.

Install Statement Lighting Overhead

Want to glam up your HBD living room but also don’t want to make it too showy? Add in minimal brass accents, like this spiral-shaped metallic lighting with brass textured wall borders. The camel color curtains and sectional sofa embellished with marble media walls are giving a cozy and luxurious look to this living room.

Play With Shape And Color

who says minimalist interiors are afraid of colors? Look at this stunning living room design and you will remember that less is more. Here the soothing tones of pastel and neutral colors are perfectly synchronized with those bulbous shapes, a metal brass center table, and wooden flooring. Try this living room design to get a minimal yet contemporary ambiance.

Keep It Minimal And Spacious

For your HBD open concept living room, going for a neat and uncluttered design like this one is the best choice. This living room is simple, clean-lined, and inviting, with a little touch of glamour. To highlight the architectural details, the moldings on the media wall are painted in high-gloss white. Large windows maximizing natural light, white walls, and doors are enhancing the grandeur look of this living room.

Use Cool Colors Alongside Comfy Furniture

If you are after living room decor ideas that are instantly going to add something different to your space, choosing a couple of colors to repeat together is a great place to start. We love the repetition of these soothing colors on walls and furniture as it draws the eye across the room, and, the colors work perfectly together.


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