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Most people are doing away with the constrictive walls and embracing open airy spaces. The open concept living offers better traffic flow, better family communication, flexibility, making space feel larger, breath-taking view of your home without restriction. While all these are all the reasons to opt for the open concept living room design, there is the challenge of lack of cosiness and the area feeling too detached as though it is one big space.

Some people crave cosiness and a sense of intimacy in the homes and the open concept designs lack the cosiness that people crave, most especially for larger spaces.

If you love both the open concept design and a cosy and intimate feeling, why should you give one up, when You can have the best of both worlds. Here are five ways to make an open concept living room design feel cosier and more intimate.

Use Furniture To Create Zones

In the open concept design, no walls are blocking your view and the flow of space to space is continuous and this can sometimes make one feel like they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Due to this feeling, we begin to miss the concept of defined spaces, where there are distinct zones for everything and the room doesn’t feel cold. The use of a large corner or L-shaped sofa can help create that zoning you so much desire. Notice how the L-shaped sofa zones off the living room from the dining area. This coupled with few accessories like the soft rug, coffee table and throw pillows create a cosy intimate feel with a relaxed vibe.

Chose A Warm Colour Palette

If your open-concept space feels inharmonious, then the right colour may be the unifying element you need. Colours can be used to define the mood of a room and create space that invites you to relax. What colour say “warmth” more than the colour brown. Notice the way the room look all tied up together, yet subtly distinct. The contrasting effect of the lighter and darker shades of brown, the alternating smooth brown wall and the industrial themes wall, and more subtly the blue sparsed with brown rug all come together to create a warm and intimate ambience.

Add Lots Of Personalities

Most open space rooms often lack character and warmth. Adding personality to your space by the use of the family portrait, wall art, flowers or anything that piques your interest makes your home visually interesting and more homely. Notice how the wall art, portraits and flowers bring the whole look together, while creating an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Colour Code Zones With Rugs

Rugs come in handy when you want to create a distinction between spaces in your room especially if you have the same flooring throughout. Rugs are inexpensive and easy to use to create visual distinction. Notice how the green and orange rugs adds contrast that mentally divides each space. It also makes the sitting room area look more comfy and cosy.

Add Dimension And Texture

You can play with textures and dimension to create a cosy and intimate feel in an open concept room. Notice how the different wall architectural design help defines the space. The circular wall panelling adds depth and visual interest that helps create a distinction between the living zone and the dining area. The use of amber coloured wood and accessories adds warmth to this space, giving it an earthy vibe that is homely and cosy.


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