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Don’t waste that extra space in front of the window! From Japanese style tea nooks to floating breakfast bars, here are 7 ideas to make the most of that often forgotten space.

Home office

With #workingfromhome set to be the norm, setting up your home office by the extra space in front of the window should be a no-brainer since it will mean you won’t have to sacrifice an extra bedroom. Bonus if you have a gorgeous view to boot!

Pro tip: Check to see that it doesn’t face a busy road or a noisy area so you don’t get distracted. Also not a good option if your window faces the hot afternoon sun (north-west and south-west directions in Singapore).

Breakfast bar

Nothing like a breakfast for champions in front of a window to remind you of lazy weekend brunches in your favourite cafe. Great if you want a chill, laid-back vibe in the home. Do up a floating design (wall-mounted, no legs) so you can tuck those bar chairs in after eating.


“I have too much storage space”, says no one ever. Make the most of the space in front of your window by incorporating extra storage. You could put up open shelves (great option since they won’t block the light or the ventilation from the windows) or do up a bay window seat area with storage underneath.

Cosy corner

Looking for a space to unwind and retreat to after a long busy day at work? Set up a cosy corner/reading nook/decompression zone or whatever you want to call it by that space in front of the window and take your thoughts to an easy and calming place.

A raised platform would help to differentiate the area from the rest of your space, but you could also consider setting up some sort of divider to lend some privacy to that area.

Japanese tea nook

For folks who love Japan and all things Japanese, a little tea nook by that space in front of the window will bring back memories of all those trips to the Land of the Rising Sun. Make things more authentic with tatami floor mats or get zaisu chairs (Japanese style chairs with no legs) so you can sit for longer periods of time.

Daybed / Guest room

If you like to take naps during the day, consider doing up a daybed by the extra space in front of the window. This can also double up as sleeping areas for your guests, when they decide to stay for the night.

Plant paradise

Most plants are happy with sunlight, so it’s a great idea to use that area by the window for them. Do up a bay window for your planters to rest on or set up an entire vertical garden to take advantage of that stretch of window. Alternatively, close up the area from the rest of your home so it works like an entire garden and balcony area on its own.


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