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Indoor Plants Suitable for Busy Singaporeans

most popular indoor plants

Have you ever felt like your living space could use a little more life?

Do you want to bring some greenery indoors but worry that your hectic Singaporean lifestyle leaves you no time for plant care?

Fear not, erstudio has the perfect solution for you!

We've gathered a list of the best indoor plants that are low-maintenance and perfect for busy Singaporeans.

These houseplants not only thrive in bright indirect light but can also survive in low light conditions, making them ideal for apartment living.

So let's dive into the world of indoor plants and discover which ones are most suitable for your lifestyle.

Snake Plant: A Hardy Survivor

mother in law's tongue

The snake plant, also known as Sansevieria, is a top choice for busy individuals. It has many variations, ranging from dark green foliage to bright yellow leaves.

These hardy plants can survive in both low-light and bright-light environments and are drought-tolerant, meaning they can go without water for extended periods – perfect for those who might forget to water their plants occasionally.

Plus, its air-purifying properties make it an excellent addition to your home.

Suitable for: Modern Minimalist, Mid-century Modern and Industrial Interiors


Snake plants are known for their sleek and clean lines, making them a great fit for modern minimalist interiors which focus on simplicity.

The solid green leaves of the snake plant provide a lovely contrast to the neutral colours inherent in modern minimalism.

To display your snake plant, choose minimalist containers or pots with clean geometric shapes to complement the plant's architectural qualities.


Snake plants have that timeless yet retro feel inherent in mid-century modern design.

The decisive structure of the snake plant adds visual interest to the organic shapes and warm wood tones of the mid-century modern style.

Get a pot that stands on tapered legs in a warm colour to tie the plant to your space.


The bold and robust nature of snake plants can also work well in an industrial-style interior which embraces raw materials like exposed brick, metal accents, and concrete surfaces.

Use minimalistic containers or repurposed industrial objects as planters to maintain the industrial aesthetic.

Spider Plant: A Natural Air Purifier

air purifying indoor plant

The spider plant is another popular choice among the best indoor plants for busy Singaporeans.

It thrives in bright indirect light but can also tolerate low light conditions.

This house plant is known for its air-purifying qualities, as it helps remove toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

The spider plant's cascading foliage makes it an ideal candidate for hanging baskets or elevated displays, drawing the eye upwards and creating the illusion of taller ceilings.

Suitable for: Bohemian, Modern Contemporary and Coastal Interiors


The free-spirited and whimsical nature of spider plants fit right in with the bohemian design style.

Incorporate the spider plant into a boho space by combining it with colourful textiles, layered patterns, and an abundance of natural materials.

Consider placing the spider plant in a macrame hanger or a hanging basket to enhance its trailing foliage.


Spider plants can also work well in modern contemporary interiors, working to soften the angular lines of contemporary furniture.

Choose sleek and minimalist containers or pots to showcase the plant's foliage. Stick to a clean and uncluttered design with a focus on geometric shapes or neutral colours.


When styled right, spider plants evoke a tropical vibe due to their foliage that can mimic the movement of ocean waves, making them suitable for coastal or beach-inspired interiors.

Combine the spider plant with light and airy furnishings, natural textures like rattan or jute, and a colour palette inspired by the beach, such as whites, blues, and sandy neutrals.

ZZ Plant: A Low Maintenance Indoor Plant

low maintenance plant

If you don't have a green thumb or a lot of time to devote to indoor plants, this one's for you.

Its thick, waxy leaves store water, allowing it to endure without water for extended periods, and it can thrive in both low-light and high-light circumstances.

The ZZ plant is loved for its aesthetic value, but it also helps clean the air in a room.

Suitable for: Modern Minimalist, Scandinavian and Tropical Interiors


Similar to the snake plant, the sleek and architectural nature of the ZZ plant makes it a great fit for modern minimalist interiors.

Opt for minimalist containers or pots with simple shapes to enhance the plant's visual appeal.


The ZZ plant can add a touch of greenery and vibrancy to a Scandinavian-inspired space when contrasted against light-coloured furniture and natural wood tones.


The ZZ plant's lush foliage can add a tropical vibe to your space, fitting right in with the bold patterns, rich textures and vibrant colours of tropical furnishings and decor.

Use decorative planters or baskets with natural fibres to enhance the tropical feel.

Swiss Cheese Plant: A Statement Piece

house plants

The Swiss cheese plant, or Monstera deliciosa, is a tropical plant native to Central and South America.

Its large, glossy leaves with unique perforations make it a stunning addition to any living space, thriving with bright indirect light. However, it can also tolerate low-light conditions.

Although it prefers moist soil, it can withstand periods of neglect without issue.

Suitable for: Mid-century Modern, Urban Jungle and Scandinavian Interiors


The Monstera's organic shape fits perfectly in mid-century modern spaces, providing a triking focal point and a touch of natural beauty.


The Swiss cheese plant is a quintessential choice for the urban jungle style, which aims to create a lush and tropical ambience indoors.

Combine the plant with other large leafy houseplants, create layers of greenery, and consider adding natural elements like rattan or bamboo furniture to contribute to the jungle-like atmosphere.


Monstera plants are often statement pieces in Scandinavian interior design due to their large deep green leaves, organic shape and natural texture.

It doesn't have too heavy of a foliage as well, fitting right in with the light airy feel of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Air Plants: No Soil Required

best indoor plant

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are a group of tropical plants that do not require soil to grow.

Instead, they absorb nutrients through their leaves, making them perfect for unique displays and small spaces.

These plants enjoy bright indirect sunlight. Be careful not to place them under direct sunlight, as this can burn their leaves and cause them to wither.

They are perfect for creating eye-catching displays, from dry terrariums to art centrepieces.

Suitable for: Contemporary, Eclectic and Industrial Interiors


Air plants have a modern and minimalist appeal, making them a natural fit for contemporary interiors. Display them in sleek, geometric containers or terrariums for a clean and streamlined look.


Air plants can be used as unique focal points in eclectic interiors, especially when you mix and match various types with different sizes and shapes.

Display them in an assortment of containers, such as vintage glass jars, terrariums, or repurposed objects, to create an eclectic and visually interesting display.


Air plants can bring a touch of greenery and softness to the raw and edgy aesthetic of an industrial-style interior.

Display them in metal containers or hanging planters made of natural materials for an industrial-inspired look.

Conclusion: Your Home Deserves Greenery!

Beautify your home with plants today

Now that you're equipped with knowledge about the best indoor plants for busy Singaporeans, it's time to bring some greenery into your life!

At Erstudio, we understand the importance of incorporating nature into our living spaces.

Our unique interior design process focuses on house plants to create interesting living spaces that inspire you every day.

We'll help you create a home that suits your style and your needs with our end-to-end services, which include design, renovation, and even sourcing and procurement!

So why wait? Visit our website today to explore other ways to create a more beautiful, healthier living environment!


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